Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Are You Struggling With Your Home-Based Business?



Every year the work-at-home numbers are growing.

As companies are cutting back on their work force on the job and decreasing benefits the option of working at home is more appealing.

Saving companies money they would normally have to pay to full-time employees and their benefits.

It is a great option for both employers and employees in that while companies save people are able to keep an income coming into the homes.

As more and more people begin working from home, the lines and definitions between jobs and a business are
beginning to get blurred.

Home business vs work-at-home job

Home-Based Business

1.   A home based business is any business where the primary office is located

2.  You must  register your business, filing business taxes, and essentially running your home-based business in a legal and

professional manner.

3.  Depending on the type of home-based business you have a laptop, internet connection, cell phone, ipad and laser printer are on the top of the list for technological equipment

Work-at-home job

1.  At-home job you are responsible to a supervisor.

2.  You are working solely for an outside business, a business with offices outside of your home, then you are working an at-home job.

3. A work-at-home job may allow you to direct your hours and work space, but the essential control and direction of the
business will be out of your hands and that is the primary difference between a home business and
a work-at-home job.

4.  Virtual meetings can be done to stay connected to employers 

5.  Employers has no need for large spaces of real estate to house employees

 Advantages Of Working From Home

1.  Save on gas

2.  Set your own hours

3.  Save on food bill

4.  Closer to family

5.  Less distraction

6.  Less stress

Disadvantages of Working From Home

1.  Need for discipline

2.  Isolation

3.  Drawing the line between business and doing house work



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