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How To Lose Belly Fat Easily!



You have probably seen many ads on how to lose belly fat.

The truth is you can lose belly fat without all the excising, going to a gym and worse starvation.

A diet to lose belly fat ought to rely on natural foods; also you also need to be aware of the foods that have a negative impact on your metabolism, creating the premises for fat storage.

Making informed decisions that suit your individuality, health condition and needs.

You must incorporate a healthy diet and body fitness.

Eat well balance meals is important.

Restrictive diets are not always a good diet for extended period of times.

Eating small portions of a variety of foods six times a day is much better than starving yourself.

The choices are countless and there are thousands of delicious food recipes that help you stay fit, active and healthy.

No diet to lose belly fat will work unless it combines physical training with your diet.

Take it slow if you have not workout in awhile.

Walking 5 min, 10 min instead of trying to do a mile immediately is good.

Abdominal fat usually affects people with a sedentary lifestyle who also make poor food choices.

There are lots of physical activities that can help you lose weight evenly and get in good shape.

When you are ready a regular gym routine, a dance class or anything else that works your muscles and burns calories.

Beware Behavior that cause overweight!

Alcohol is the main enemy of any diet to lose belly fat.

Beer is the main culprit for abdominal obesity, which is why we call it ‘beer belly’.

  • Quit drinking!
  • Quit smoking!
  • Sleep at least eight hours per night!
  • Do physical activities!
  • Think positive!
  • Eat healthy food!

…And you’ll enjoy great fitness, a slender body and an incredible waist line!

Remember it may take longer for some to lose belly fat depending on their habits and consistency in following directions, or their body metabolism.  Don’t give up!





How To Target Travel Audience On Social Media



Travel agents who use FB have an upper hand when it comes to finding new clients and keeping up with existing clients.

Using a tool that is already in place and where your clients frequent often is smart.

How Do You Find Your Targeted Clients?

Engagement announcements-  People posting their engagement announcements are great potential clients for those travel agents selling wedding packages

Places to hold events- Women clubs, book Clubs, sorority and fraternity groups,  etc searching for event spots

Birthday Celebrations -  Don’t miss out on sending birthday wishes to those birthday fans that are announced on FB- perfect way to start building relationships, open conversations with your fans (Don’t try to sell them on a vacation it is a great way to get to know them first)

Cruise Lovers- FB obtain lots of information on your target audience and you can use that info to help find your targeted clients

Build Custom Audiences

FB will allow you to build Custom Audiences so you will not have to build an audience each time you want to get in front of them with an ad

More Fans = More Leads, Customers, and Sales for YOUR Business!

Do you need more help getting your first 1K Fans and learn how to turn them into Prospects, Customers Sales & Sign-ups?

I have a Free 3-Step “System”  just for you!



How To Plan For Your Dream Cruise



Have you been wanting to go on a cruise vacation and decided now it the time?

Yet, you still have those negative thoughts or pondering how or where to look for that perfect cruise.

Steps To Take In Planning A Cruise

1.  Decide on your travel dates.  Knowing how much time you can take off is important.  There are short cruises and long cruises you can go on.

2.  Write down places you would like to visit.  Browse the internet or travel magazines to get an idea of where you may want to go.  Make a note of the dates, duration and destinations you find.

3.  Using a travel agent can help you with planning your vacation.  Travel agents will be very knowledgeable and helpful with telling you about the different amenities, accommodations, on-board entertainment, etc.

4.  When planning for a cruise, you will find out that cruises leave from certain designated ports. These ports may not be close to where you live. That means you will have make plans to fly to the port of call for the cruise. Some places offer all-inclusive packages that will include round-trip airfare to the port.

5.  To make a price comparison, you will need to have an idea of what kind of airfare you can get if you book the airfare on your own. Add that to the cruise-only package, and see if the all-inclusive deal is worth it to you.

6.  Travel agents will also be helpful in what cruises offer discounts. This will save you a lot of time researching yourself. Sometimes you may want to consult with a travel agent to see what kind of deal he can get you. Keep in mind, however, that travel agents operate on commission. The more they can sell to you, the more commission they make.

7.  Decide if you would like to include or have an upgraded room, off-shore excursions, etc. So, keep that in mind.

The information you gather about cruises, the better decision you can make.


Travel Tips

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Making Your Plans For Travel Less Stressful

1.  Plan out your trip

2.  Have a special savings account just for traveling

3.  Ask your travel agent for any savings coupons for sight seeing

4.  Go through your travel agent to help plan your trip (travel agents can get information on savings of hotels, sight seeing, airline travel, cruises and more)  so go ahead and ask up front!

5.  If you are leaving pets behind be sure to plan ahead how they will be taken care of

6.  If children are traveling with you be sure to have board games, electronics, batteries for electronics and anything else that will help make the trip more comfortable for them

7.  If you or a family member is on medication be sure you have enough supply for your trip (It is sometimes wise to get a letter  from your physician or have a copy on file in case you lose your presription and need to call in to get medication at the destination you are going to

8.  If anyone needs assistance such as a wheelchair or any other device be sure to call ahead to airlines or cruise to let them know (have your travel agency make a note to tell all involved even hotels you may be staying at.

9.  Make sure you know the currency being used in places you travel.  If you need to get currency here in the state in which you live or abroad….find out from your bank which is better.

10.  Make sure credit cards are kept close to you.  If you lose your credit cards make sure you have access to the numbers or call your bank right away.

11.  Make a copy of your passport in case you lose it.



Travel Tip Tuesday – Cultural Differences




Cultural Differences

Visiting different areas of the world is an incredible way to broaden your horizons and appreciate this world in an entirely new light. However, leaving your comfort zone to go explore unknown locations can understandably be unnerving. It’s not uncommon for travelers to experience some degree of culture shock during their trip. Such examples include how people greet one another, the language, the adequacy of the restrooms and accommodations, the type of cuisine, facial expressions, currency, mannerisms, the Embracing list goes on and on.

Hit The Books

Researching your destination in advance is the key to a comfortable, enjoyable journey wherever you end up going. The internet is your best resource for finding information that you need. Reading books or even watching certain television shows will also help you feel more prepared. Keep in mind that most of the world expects a certain amount of naivety from travelers, so don’t worry about trying to know everything beforehand. For example, it is not customary to tip in Japan, eat in public transportation in Singapore, or eat with your hands in Chile, the locals are likely to quickly forgive such cultural faux pas since it’s understood that their social norms are new to you. Focus on learning the basics for everyday social interaction.

Enjoy Yourself

Bear in mind that wherever you touch down, most locals are likely to be welcoming and thrilled that you decided to make their homeland your getaway destination of choice. Provided you share a common language, talk to them, share stories, share food, learn about their humor and way of life, and teach them the same in return. Move outside major tourist areas to find real, genuine locals to truly immerse yourself in the culture and learn new things.

Keep Top Of Mind

  • Sitting with legs crossed is common in North America and some European countries, but showing the sole of your shoe to another person is considered disrespectful in Asia and the Middle East.
  • Bargaining is often an expected part of transactions abroad. Learn to haggle and demand better prices.
  • Showing the peace sign in the United States is the equivalent of giving someone the finger in the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa. Just remember that this only applies should your palm be facing you. If your palm is facing outwards then you’re in the clear.
  • The “a-okay” hand symbol is equivalent to giving the finger in Brazil.
  • In Morocco it is considered impolite to see someone you know, say “hi”, and keep walking. Be prepared to chat for a while about family, children, health, etc.

Experiencing new foods, sights, and ways of doing things is one of the best parts of travel, but can be hard to adjust to if you don’t travel often. By using these tips as a guideline, you can better organize and prepare for your trip. Stay tuned to Travel Tip Tuesdays for more in-depth information about the best way to travel.

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Travel Tip Tuesday – Ferris Wheels




High Roller
Las Vegas, Nevada
Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, the High Roller is the world’s largest observation wheel with 28 transparent pods holding 40 passengers each.

Singapore Flyer


Standing at a stunning 541 feet from the ground, the Singapore Flyer offers you breathtaking, panoramic views of the Marina Bay and beyond.

Star Of Nanchang

Nanchang, China

The Star Of Nanchang looks like a huge dazzling clock at night since it is adorned with 7,000 LED lights.

London Eye

London, England

Also known as the Millennium Wheel, the London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe.

Orlando Eye

Orlando, Florida

Each capsule contains Apple iPads allowing you to learn about the landmarks and surroundings in several languages and see beyond what the eye can see.

Melbourne Star

Docklands, Australia

Whether you know and love Melbourne, or are a first-time visitor to the cultural capital, the Melbourne Star is a spectacular way to get your bearings.

Tianjin Eye

Tianjin, China

The Tianjin Eye is a 394 foot tall Ferris wheel built on the Yongle Bridge over the Hai River in Tianjin, China. It is the only such wheel to have been constructed over a bridge.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Anaheim, California

Mickey’s Fun Wheel offers two different ride experiences: swinging or stationary gondola.
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