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Work At Home As A Travel Specialist


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Travel is an 8 Trillion dollar a year business.  Travelers spend thousands of dollars per day in travel and tourism industries.  In 2015; Will you like to take a percentage of that revenue home to your family? (If, your answer is Yes) Then “surge365″ is for you.  Surge365 has the greatest reward and benefits program when it comes to travel. 


Become a Program Promoter and you will get to enjoy all the perks and have the opportunity to generate thousands of dollars.  Travel the beaches of the world, enjoy discounts, rewards and other valuable discounts. 


The Surge365 program has prelaunched on 03/02/15 and you can secure your FREE spot.  Now!!! to say Yes to Surge365 great benefit and rewards. 


Training and support will be offered to help make you successful.  Say Yes to a better way of living. Say Yes to More in 2015


Surge365 state of the art mobile center back office will allow you to operate your business from your phone.  If all you did was show people what you have access to, you could become financially independent in this arena alone.


Some of our Surge365 products and services include:

  1. Deeply discounted travel deals (up to 70% or more) to luxury resorts and exotic destinations worldwide.
  2. Members will have access to 10 $250 travel discount cards to give away to their friends and family.
  3. On-Line college education. Take as many online courses on an accredited online college for $50 a month.  Imagine earning that masters, bachelors or even doctorate degree on your own schedule.
  4. Savings on credit repair programs.
  5. 24/7 web based, online doctor’s access.
  6. Savings on health care, wellness and prescription programs.
  7. Up to 60% savings on vision and dental services.
  8. Free access to online shopping mall with over 1,000 of the best known stores.
  9. Access to pre-paid legal counsel with unlimited initial phone consultations for each new legal matter, letters and phone calls on the members behalf, assistance with government problems (such as welfare), free living will & more.
  10. And much. more….



Say Yes to More in 2015

Would You Like To Take Home a Percentage of The Trillion Dollar Travel and Tourism Industry Revenue in 2015?



Say Yes to More in 2015


  Here is a few details on our Surge365 compensation plan:

  1. 100% initial membership payout (WOW!!)
  2. Make 3 assisted sales in 30 days and achieve Team Builder Level (help other to succeed and you will be promoted)
  3. Receive $1,000 bonus for every 7 team sales (direct or indirect sales) in your Team Builder Group
  4. Achieve Regional Builder Level when your team reaches 30 sales
  5.  As a Regional Builder receive an extra $240 for every 7 team sales (total of $1,240)
  6.  Achieve National Builder Level when your team reaches 100 sales and receive a $10,000 bonus for every 100 sales in your team
  7. With a 100 sales in your team you can make $26,000 Plus residual income, matching bonuses, car bonuses and much more…


The clock is ticking……

We can’t wait to see your income grow!


There has never been a program like this with such an amazing earning potential.

Other Benefits:

MasterMind Group on Facebook to help you succede in your business.

Marketing Strategy Advice

Learn to Brand Yourself 

*Income Disclosure

I can not guarantee your income.  It is solely based on your determination, work ethics and input.  

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