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Pinterest Travel Party 09/24/2014

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Hi friends and partners, 
You are cordially invited to my Pinterest Travel Party
See the enclosed invitation for more information
Follow the board and see you there
Wednesday, Sept 24, 2014 
Happy Pinning

Comedy Fest: Earthquake & Gary Owens Tickets

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Comedy Fest: Earthquake & Gary Owens Tickets


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The Diary of Black Men Tickets

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New Blog Talk Creating Duplication Base camp Day 3 Secrets To Success

Without duplication network marketing is not a good model
With duplication network marketing is a great model


Laws of Viral Duplication


New People:

1. Easy – must be an easy way of recruiting,
2. Everybody has to be able to do it
3. It cannot be a specialize skill – to teach them the skills, have a system in place new people can replicate. You can’t force a specialize


skill. Third party exposure is important to your business for new people. give them a recorded presentatiion, do tele-seminar and let


them invite people to listen to, do live events where they can invite people to the live events to learn about the business from the leaders


of the business.
There are advance methods of recruiting. New people will not be able to comprehend the advance way of doing things if they have never


been introduce to the business. After people have been in the business and learn the fundamentals then they can learn and do the more


advance recruiting methods. They can evolve into a guru. You have to have the tools people can learn and evolve in time.
1. Sponsor – sponsoring is the life line of your business
2. Get them started right – start them doing something everyone can do. they can evolve into guru stuff.
3. Sponsor more reps
This business is better Getting a thousand people sponsoring two people a month than you sponsoring a thousand.
The Secret of the Guru
Have a system in place that start them right weather they join on your front line of 15 level down or a thousand level down …this way


everyone coming into the business is able to start off the same way.
People get frustrated if they do not understand what they are doing. People will not be on the same level as you the experienced one so


you want them to start off simple. Have something in place where they can start they can do and let them evolve. Third party exposure


is the answer.
How to start?
Sponsor new people. Send them to a third party fast start that works that have access to high level exposure. Help them make a game


plan that will help them sponsor their first two people.


1. sponsor new people -only 15% will stay actively engage in building the business
2. send them to a third party system
3. help them sponsor their first person
4. promote them to the next event
5. Leadership is duplicated by getting people started right then getting them to an event. A third party sponsor event that gets them


fired up and ready to produce results


6. sponsor a new distributor and
7. start cycle again
Daily Method of Operation is important to this business before you get into the monthly functions for new people.
1. prospecting 3 people a day – I will teach you to do without walking around malls or buying leads. I tell my people they need to talk to


three people a day about their business. Simple daily consistent things
2. Attend a weekly live meeting Attend a meeting every week it can be online, telephone or live event. This is something easy enough for


everyone can do. Plug your prospects into one of these live conference calls, online or home meetings each week.
3. Stick to the fast start system –
4. attend 1 training a week –
5. Attend the next major event – events are what duplicate leadership, they see the big social proof, they start taking their belief of the


company to the next level
6. learning the skills- learning the business it is a process
This business is a constant turnover and your new people will drop out if they feel it is too hard to keep up or sponsor people-daily


action helps to keep things simple and easy to keep up with if they should miss a day.
Let Others Market For You ….For Free
Peope Keep Talking – Listen to what they are talking about
They are talking about things that are interesting and fun.
No One Wants To Hear About Your Business
No One
Don’t believe that?
Are you interested in sitting through business
Of Course not
What do people like?
Entertaining videos get the mos views.
It is not only important for your content to be sustainable; it must have viral sustainability. In order for your content to have viral


sustainability it must be interesting, fun, easy to share and it must be of value to people for them to want to share.
Write content becoming of you. Be personal. Give credit to others when you use their content.
How it Works?
1. Blog Daily –
2. Share Daily
3. Email Daily (Don’t spam)
Build A Tribe
A tribe is a group of people sharing the same interest and likes. They give support to the individuals in the group and to the entire


group. The group grows by introducing people outside the group to their ideas and concepts.


Daily Activities
Blog daily and continue with your blogging challenge.
Use videos, articles , pictures within your blog to share.
Create a Tribe by telling others to share your content if they like your posts.
Read, Read, Read Spend 1 hr a day listening to audio. Learn new things and blog about it.


If you would like me to coach you in growing your team or business click the LINK 


New “Contiendo con Valor” Blogging Top Producer Formula



What is Your “Why”

Why is the motivating factor that creates the ways you do your marketing.


The more ways you provide to find your site, the more traffic you will generate to your site

“Bridges” To Your Site

The links that point back to your site

A- Links from articles posted on directories. These can also be links coming from other blog posts or forums.

Video- Create a video and post it to YouTube or to Facebook and link it back to your blog post.

Pictures - Upload photos to Facebook or photo sharing sits such as Flickr and link them back to your posts. Also, 

your pictures that share in your posts will rank on Google and link back to your post.

Social Media - Sharing on social sites such as Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. There are many you’ve probably never even heard of.


Authority Links

The more “Authority” the link has that is pointing to your site, the better.

Your bridge should be large so more traffic on a consistent basis can come across to your site.

Same goes for links pointing to your site.

Links that come from large, reputable sites, are seen and used to get to your site rather than the lesser known links.


Links with authority also bring more people to your site, smaller links may bring one person a day if you are lucky.

You determine authority sites by how much traffic and links they have coming to their sites.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc are authority sites because of the amount of traffic they have coming to their sites.

Blogging daily brings organic traffic to your site
Good content brings sustainability especially when created consistently.
Natural traffic is created by good content that bring value to its readers.
Unnatural content can also bring traffic that is short-lived.
How Many Days Should You Blog?
90 Days , Minimum
After the end of 90 days of consistently blogging “Empower Network Blog the traffic to their site jumped by 300%


within a week.
This can be proven again and again with consistent content creation massive traffic will begin to be attracted


towards that site.

Traffic Attraction

Good Content=Traffic

View the top sites of the internet by visiting

Yahoo- Social & Information







Engaging and entertaining your traffic will beat out pouring facts every time.

Creating Good Content – Content with Value

Reading, Reading, Listening to Audios bring value , knowledge

Listen to audio interviews of leaders in the field you are interested in and understand their styles and learn why


they are the top income earners and duplicate what they do.


Posting “How to” Blogs
Using a blogging system like Empower Network is easy.

Your title should make your reader want to click on the post to know more.

Ask a question or make a strange and bold statement to raise their curiosity.

For example: The “contenido con valoro” of Blogging

Not everyone knows what “contenido con valor” means, and those that do may not know what blogging is. It will


make them curious

Going to your back office click the login button , then click post and start blogging.


By using a site that already has thousands of links to the site and the highways and flight patters to drive traffic to it,



you are no longer burdened with the being the only one responsible for creating traffic
Creating Tags

Final steps before publishing.
Create a few short tags relating to post.

Continue to blog daily – The next day of base camp is how to get massive traffic to your site continuously.


People join your company for one or more reasons:

1. Like you

2. Trust

3. Believe it will work

4. Bonuses

5. Need, Want they can get from it

6. All the above

If you do not have a success in business your prospect will not get involved with you


sponsoring cycle

start with trusted relationships (business trust) before they listen

Ask open need based questions

send people to a third party presentation
create social validation make them feel they could do it


You have problem when you do not have trusted relationship

Do networking or marketing

Power triangle is how you build trust over come people who do not have business trust relationship with

Prospect , Expert, You

Three way calls – introduce them to someone they can trust


You have to be in a team system where there is someone who is making money and is successful.

Plug your prospects in with these team members who are making money.

Recruiting is easier if you:

1. Have existing relationship and have a need based relationship
2. Send your prospect to third party presentation

3. Validate the message with three way calls powerful edification tool to use to build your business

4. Close your new distributor by inviting them to a live event- if you met them on internet send them to live webinar,



telephone send them to live call, met them at a live event send them to a live presentation

5. Plug them into a system of someone who is making money

The fundamental methods have not change for years. Methods, technology may have change but not the core



methods of recruiting and sponsoring.

Quality of your relationship is going to determine your recruiting and sponsoring results- it will work for you.

Take a look why people get involved.

Reformulate your game plan. You need to have a plan to recruit.

Action Plan

How you are going to go out in the market place.

How are you going to follow up with prospects.

Contact your up-lines and let them know what your plans are

Step by Step increasing exposure before you go out prospecting

generic training series

opt into a training series

learn how the business is building

start where you are at
start with something simple

Have your up-line edify you to put credibility back to you

Qualify people who get your emails all the time they will start being curious as to what you are doing

Introduce them to up-line leaders and get them on the phones

You never know who is going to get involved in your business

You have to get out there and try

How to start?

Start where you are

Simplicity – having a well oil funnel – moving people up in your business system

Functional system in place – move people through the recruiting process

Getting credibility and leveraging that credibility to get more credibility.

Start with resources and skills that you have.

Most people do not have the energy time motivation to set up a blog to sponsor people.

Take sometime to redesign your sponsor process.

Step back and look at your system.

Ask yourself how am I going to bring people into the business.



Click the link below and work with me to help create a now strategy to help bring people into your business.


Daily Activities

Focus on “Why”

Continue 90 Day blogging challenge.

Read at 1 hr daily. Learn something new and blog about it.

New Blog Talk Top Producer Network


8 Core Commitments of The Serious Marketer

This is the secret “8 Step Formula” that travel marketers used Into Different Opportunities

*Personally Sponsor More than 10,000 Paid Consultants
*Grow businesses in excess of 15,000 paid customers in 90 days
*Pay consultants more than $1 milllion

…and much, much more.

 building a profitable business

Build your business and create whatever lifestyle you desire.

These 5 Core Commitments were created to have baance between business and life so that you can

maintain focus on the lifestyle that you want to live.

This entire pan for your business is disigned to fit into 2 hours a day.

* 1 Hour Of Education
* 2 Hours Of Marketing

If you are serious about building a profitabe and sustainable business commit to working and building a

business for a minimum of 1 year. Apply these 5 Core Commitments to your business for the next 90 days at a


This 2 hour a day commitment is for those who are building a business part-time.

If you are full time in building your business scale it out and mutipy that by 3 and work your business 6 – 8

hours per day. 4 hours of marketing and 2 hours of education.



These concepts can be applied to any business that you are buiding.
1. Get Your Own Merchant Account

You want to be able to collect payment directly and be responsible for the amount that you receive. With

your own mercchant account you can use it for any other products that you create and sell in the future. If

you have a host company they will most likely have their own payable account.

2. Blog Daily

Create a new blog post every single day for a minimum of 90 days about your business.

3. Market Daiy

Invest 20% revenue back into your business before you spend it on other stuff. Invest in paid traffic to your

sites. Paid traffic is more than just setting up a Facebook PPC campaign, paid traffic has many more

options available that I cover in 1K Formula training within the New Blog Talk Network.

4. New Member Coaching

Keeping the customers you have are less expensive then gaining new customers. Those who trust you

and have already purchase from you are going to be your biggest sales. You become their resource for

what to do next, by pointing them to the resources that will help them. They willl purchase those resources

and retain a customer. Weather you are an affiiate of New Blog Talk Network or building another business,

welcome your new members, customers and affiliates.

5. Empower Hour

Every Monday 8 PM Est you can plug in and listen to the Empower Hour. These calls consist of only those

who are top producers within their business so that you are only learning from those who have had

success before you are actually producing to keep you on target in what you shoud be doing and learning

in your business.

6. Listen To Audio Daily

Listen to audios from people that are aready successfu so that you can learn what they are doin, how they

think and to listen to their speech patterns. By listening to them daily you will begin to transform your

thoughts, actions and speech into that of a successful business owner.

7. Read Daily

Spend at least 15 minutes per day reading. You can read whatever you choose, but for the purpose of

learning how to market you will want to read forums, blog posts and articles and email sales copy. The

more you read these the better you will become at writing your own.

8. Attend Network Events

At live events you can expose yoursef and your business. Feel positive energy from others excited about

their business. Network with other successful people and learn from them first hand. Collaborate and form

joint ventures.






Daily Activities

1. Blog Daily. Become a part of a blogging network SiteSell or Empower Network

and get access to the optimized blogging platform that already set up for you technically.

2. Socially Syndicate your blog post. Read the upcoming emails and watch the future bootcamp videos to

learn how to do this.
3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your blog post. Your Core Checklist will teach the basics of this

as well as the upcoming Bootcamp emails. For more advanced SEO skills reference the Top Producer

Formula in New Blog Talk.
4. Reinvest your revenue into Solo Ads. Learn more about Solo Ads New Blog Talk.
5. Reinvest your revenue into PPC. Reference New Blog Talk post.
6. Direct Media. Reference New Blog Talk posts and read the upcoming emails and watch the future

boot-camp videos to learn how to do this.
7. Education. Commit to these 8 Core Commitments and follow them daily to increase your education for a

minimum of 1 hour per day for the next 90 days.







Fill out commitment below and post it where you can see it

“I, _________________, am committing today ____________ (date), that for the next 90 days,
I am going to apply the 8 Core Commitments to my business.
I am going to spend one hour per day posting a unique, high quality article to my personal blog on the

I am going to spend one hour per day on education for building my business.
My 90 day challenge ends on ______________(90 days from today).


Copyright 2014 by New Blog Talk Network

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Thank you for letting me share with you.

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New Blog Talk ~Lyn Moses


To your success Lyn Moses


The Giants CEO Tour Tampa Florida August 16, 2014

The Secret To Growing Your Business Using Quality Leadership Skills


The key to life is to be around the people who will empower you to reach the next level.

4 Secrets To Developing A Mastermind Team

1.  Self-development – read daily materials to inspire, motivate, encourage, teach you something to educate in different areas of your life

2.  Get around people who are like-minded and who know more than you.

3.   Associate with people who are either at my level of enthusiasm, excitement and intelligence or even more

4.  Be productive 

 A true leader is highly ethical, honest and respected.

There are leaders and followers in our society.

Are we born to one or the other? No! Can you hone your leadership skills? Absolutely!

Leaders have all of these qualities in place:

a) Think outside the box

b) Focus

c) Decisive

d) In control of their environment

e)  raise the bar.

People will follow your lead willingly if you are honest, ethical, if you are consistent and treat them with respect.

Rewarding someone when a job is well done is always appreciated.

A good leader will remove anyone who disrupt the group.

You can improve your own self- respect and become an inspiration to others.

How great is that!

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