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How To Target Travel Audience On Social Media



Travel agents who use FB have an upper hand when it comes to finding new clients and keeping up with existing clients.

Using a tool that is already in place and where your clients frequent often is smart.

How Do You Find Your Targeted Clients?

Engagement announcements-  People posting their engagement announcements are great potential clients for those travel agents selling wedding packages

Places to hold events- Women clubs, book Clubs, sorority and fraternity groups,  etc searching for event spots

Birthday Celebrations -  Don’t miss out on sending birthday wishes to those birthday fans that are announced on FB- perfect way to start building relationships, open conversations with your fans (Don’t try to sell them on a vacation it is a great way to get to know them first)

Cruise Lovers- FB obtain lots of information on your target audience and you can use that info to help find your targeted clients

Build Custom Audiences

FB will allow you to build Custom Audiences so you will not have to build an audience each time you want to get in front of them with an ad

More Fans = More Leads, Customers, and Sales for YOUR Business!

Do you need more help getting your first 1K Fans and learn how to turn them into Prospects, Customers Sales & Sign-ups?

I have a Free 3-Step “System”  just for you!



How To Leverage Your Instagram Page To Build Followers And Get Leads


1. Use your brand name

2. Place your URL in your profile to help drive traffic to your website.

3. Allow your photos to be accessed by everyone to increase your like and comment notifications.

4. Be creative when posting relevant photo captions, including asking questions to grab attention.

5.  Make it simple, clear and direct for your fans to buy your product

6. To increase awareness of your brand use your company logo as your profile picture.

7. Choose your user name wisely. Select a user name closely related to your company name.

8.  Do Not Mark your profile as private you want to make it easy for customers to find you.

9. Make sure your user name is similar to your Twitter handle for easy cross reference.

10. Explain your business and purpose of being on Instagram.

11.  Do not include your company name in hashtags the objective is to search and tag your target audience you are attempting to reach.  

12. Include your company website, Twitter or Facebook URL on your page.

13.  Only connect the profile to other social media of same company.  

14.  If you have different companies do not attach all to one social media platform of another brand.  

15. Geo-tag photos so customers can find your business.

16. Connect geo-tagged photos to the mapping function to promote multiple customer or store locations.

17. Integrate your company local or presence in each photo.

18. Do not rely on your profile picture alone for brand connection, since most users will experience Instagram through the feed.

19. Send a short note to thank people for linking, commenting, or mentioning your page. This will also start a two way conversation.

20. Give comments a conversational tone by asking a question.

21. Use multiple hashtags  to reach people when searching for relevant topics.

22. Add different hashtags to posts to refresh content with timely keywords and further increase your reach.

23. Tag customers in your photos to begin a dialogue. 

24.  Tell a story about your product to introduce it.  Do not sound salesy in your comments.

25.  Use Instagram Direct it allows Instagram users to send pictures and video to others privately; a direct message (DM) on Twitter or a private message (PM) on Facebook.   

26.  When you host your giveaway or contest, use a unique hashtag. Without a hashtag, you won’t see all entries or be able to track your success. Using a hashtag that includes your brand’s name gives you the added benefit of clearly branding your campaign

27.  Reward your followers for looking at your pictures and reading the descriptions with Promo Codes.

28.  Post testimonies from your customers.  Use Instagram to take a quick picture of your customers and showcase a sneak peek into what the experience with your brand is like.

29. For Events Add a special hashtag to the mix can help you reach more people, get more people to visit your booth and increase engagement with your audience

30.  Reward followers with discounts.  Deliver perks to your followers so they will make viewing your feed content a priority

31.  Use Instagram to give your followers a first look at or sneak preview of an event, a pre-launch to a product or news features.

32.  Feature a customer in a photo on Instagram


During a conference, attendees are drawn to your Instagram photo and able to locate your booth quicker.  

Display a large photo with your hashtag so attendees can find it.

When possible show a live feed on a screen of photos attendees are uploading with event hashtags.

At small or large conferences, this can come in handy to stand out from the crowd. 

Example if your event is called Pro Travel Network Moses your hashtag may be #PTNM or #ptnmoses put that hashtag on everything you pass out relating to the conference.  All photos going out promoting the conference.  At the conference put it on materials, on the booth, on the programs etc..  Make sure attendees know and are encourage to tag their photos of the conference with the hashtags. 


To see your profile, or to explore a friend’s profile, simply navigate to[username].

For example, in order to view Nike’s profile, @nike, you’d navigate to  on the web. 




is the all-in-one visual marketing platform for Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr & Facebook. Run contests, schedule, publish & analyze social images.

It is able to track an Instagram post’s likes and comments so that a brand can see how that popularity translates into added followers, but also capitalize on the popularity.

Guaba-Instagram Animation (1)

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Discover Secrets Of How Top Brands Are Using Instagram


Instagram Marketing Used By Top Brands

With over 90 million users signed up to the Instagram service it is no wonder that more and more
Top Brands are coming on board and using Instagram to help boost their online marketing strategies.
Big companies are using a mobile app to raise their profile and increase public interest in their brands?

Instagram, although formerly reserved for iPhone users, is now available to android phones and
allows users to basically snap photos of just about anything, edit them and upload to an account
profile that is open and visible to their followers.

You can also upload videos  from your iPhone and edit and post the section you want to display on Instagram.  

Brands can present a short commercial to represent their brand.

Videos and photos can be liked, shared and have comments on various social

media which increase their presence and popularity on the web.

The videos can be 15-second, editable functionality included.  

You can embed videos  into blogs for more exposure. 


So when it comes to a brand, what is ultimately gained is exposure. 

Instagram has great online marketing value and top brands that have signed up have literally proved that is possible.

Huge brand names have proved to be the most successful and occupy the list of 10 ten most

popular when it comes to number of followers etc.

Followers recognize their favorite brands and will be loyal when it comes to clicking on an image and sharing with their

own followers and even friends.

More and more top brands are using Instagram to help promote their products and will go all out on producing some

magnificent looking images in a bid to capture a bigger audience.

3 Ways Top Brands Are Keeping Customers Interested


1. Engaging customers will keep them interested and encourage them to recommend and suggest the brand to others.

2.  Contests

3.  Coupons 

For top brands Instagram is a win-win online marketing strategy.



Quickagram lets you browse through random Instagram photos listed on gallery and map. Clicking on the image will open

the photo to its original size with options to like, share on Facebook or comment on Instagram directly from the page.



Gramfeed, a site where Instagram photos are presented in a Twitter-like feed.

Gramfeed it is also like Quickgram but with more features.

It’s like browsing Instagram on a web browser with links to

user’s profile with the follow button as well as comment and like options.

There is the Facebook Like button as well as Pins for Pinterest.



The photo booth where the camera’s in everyone’s pocket.

Instaprint has forever changed the concept of the photo booth.

By pulling hashtagged photos and videos from Instagram, Instaprint can print thousands of attendees’ photos no matter

where they may be located at an event.

Instaprint enhances events while also inspiring people to take more photos.

That means more tagged photos and videos with the event’s hashtag.

When the event is over, Instaprint’s software generates an analytics report showing how many people were reached via

the event’s hashtag.


instac+at is a simple web app for lovers of  cats to search for relevant Instagram photos based on #tags and keywords.

There’re no other options available, and clicking on a photo will direct you to the original Instagram link.



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How To Generate Massive Traffic Using Instagram



What Is Instagram

A tool you use to upload your photos and share them with friends and followers online.

It is as a easy and simple as using a mobile handset.

Sign up for a free Instagram account and you can upload and edit your photos reading

for sharing on social media site such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Since its launch in 2010 Instagram boasts over 90 million users with millions of photos being uploaded to the

web each year.

The success of Instagram has been growing fast with images generating over 700 likes per second and over 85 comments.
Its biggest connection is with Facebook and it is for this reason that Facebook bought the mobile app for a

rumored price of over 1 billion dollars.

Users of this clever platform enjoy uploading and editing their snapshots with some of the many cool special


But it is not just basic users who are indulging in Instagram.

Many offline and online businesses are using this new type of social media as a means to market their brands.
Just about everyone can relate to images and with good strong pictures present on their websites businesses

are noticing a huge increase in product interest and ultimately sales profits.

Instagram reaches out to a wider audience and enables more in depth searches on the web.

Features To Use To Help Increase Traffic

1.  geotagging

2.  hash tagging followers to be able to find specific products and information

3.  Update daily  to keep your posts fresh and interesting
We are living in a society where people do not take the time to read pages about a product, brand or news


The attention spans of many people are very short.

Image sharing has never been so exciting and within only a couple of years it is fair to say that Instagram is still

only in its developmental phase.


PicPlayPost  – app on itune gives you the ability to combine video and photos into a nicely organized frame you can share on Instagram,Facebook, Twitter or email to close friends and family.


 Stack Motion: An app that allows you to create on screen captions for awesome calls to actions.



Guaba-Instagram Animation (1)

Bigger than Facebook and Twitter combined
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Piktochart is a wonderful little program that allows you to create graphic design-worthy infographics.  

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BUFFER- Schedule your Tweets and Facebook posts easily and efficiently.


SLIDESHARE- An underrated social media outlet that can also generate some 


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Instagram Making Big Waves As a Internet Marketing Tool



We are living in a society that has a plethora of opportunities to expand your brand awareness.


There are various way you can broadcast and deliver your data product to the public.


Thanks to social media it has allowed businesses of all sizes an almost even playing ground to spread their message.


However, if not systematize or organize correctly, it can also become a bit overwhelming to small businesses, in particular solo marketers.


Trying to keep up with YouTube, Pinterest, MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many more, now Instagram.


However, it’s good to know these platforms exist to offer you a greater chance of getting your message out there.


It is worth while to pay attention to Instagram.


There are over 90 million users who login at least once per month which means it’s one social media site you want to at least pay attention to.


While sites like Facebook and Twitter are your more traditional social media sites to engage with your customers and prospects, Instagram can also be powerful if used correctly.


Many people are interested in the photo sharing sites.


Instagram gives you the visual impact your audience is looking for and when you add the right kind of photos to your hash tags, you can easily build a following and your fans will share your photos increasing awareness about your business.


Tips when considering Instagram as part of your marketing toolkit.


1) Be creative using images (photos or pics of e.g. drawings, infographics, etc.) to engage your audience.

2) Photo contest is a great idea to have your customers send in photos of them using your product and offer a discount to  the winner.


3) Plan a weekly or monthly contest and you’ll have content you can share on  your other social media platforms such as Facebook.


4) Be personal to show another side to your business.

            a) For example, if you own a small hair salon, consider adding photos of your employees, customers smiling after getting their hair done, etc.

            b) Show you’re more than just a logo or website and you’re bound to connect with many more fans and soon-to-be followers.


Instagram is growing by leaps and bounds.


 It may not be, or ever be, as big as Facebook or some of the other social media sites, with over 90 million users and its unique platform, it’s certainly not one to ignore.




Bigger than Facebook and Twitter combined
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ScheduGram – An Instagram Marketing Tool

1.  schedule a number of images at once

2.  schedule from multiple accounts

3.  You can post from a desktop or laptop

4.  inbuilt editing tools


Account insights, Ad insights, and Ad staging


  • Account insights allows businesses to see how they’re increasing brand awareness on Instagram through impressions, reach, and engagement.
  • Ad insights shows the performance of paid campaigns with brand analytic (impressions, reach, and frequency) for each individual ad delivered to the target audience.
  • Ad staging allows advertisers and their creative teams to preview, save, and collaborate on ad creative for upcoming campaigns.

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