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Wedding Cruises | Wedding Cruise Packages



Think of your ideal wedding day — you and that special person will finally become one, but what would it take to make the day even more special? Nobody knows what you want like you do, but we have an idea: how about something fun and memorable?

Carnival makes fun and memorable happen every time someone cruises with us, so just imagine what we can do for your wedding!

The location is up you — your ideal wedding spot just may be aboard a Carnival ship, or perhaps one of the scenic island destinations we sail to. Imagine wedding photos with a blue sea-sky background or white-sand beach behind you… and a gentle sea breeze in your hair, of course. Whichever you prefer, you’ll have a wedding unlike any back home, not to mention one that’s hassle-free thanks to our experienced and attentive staff.

Shipboard Weddings 
You’ve found the man or woman of your dreams — congratulations! Do we ever have a wedding spot to match… aboard a Carnival ship. 

Destination Weddings
With a Carnival destination wedding, a scenic island is the background for your memories; the blue skies, the sounds and even the sea-scented breeze. 

Renewal of Marriage Vows
Get ready to say “I still do” — and create some new memories — as you celebrate your life together with a Renewal of Vows ceremony on a Carnival cruise.

Honeymoon Registry
Help your friends and family help make your honeymoon extra-special.

Call Linda Moses Pro Travel Network Travel Consultant 706-587-2949

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Travel Snapchat Users Putting A New Spin On Adventure


Keeping up with the different social platforms can be cumbersome.

Here is a platform that has been around for a few years but is growing momentum very fast.

Travel agents / travelers are getting on board with Snapchat.

Here is a free download to get you started with Snapchat clickherebutton.

Why Using Snapchat Is A Great Idea For The Business Owner?

1. Growing social platform- it is not saturated by Snapchat travel agents or travelers.

2. Over 8 billion videos are being downloaded every day by Snapchatters

3.  Pave your way on a social platform that is hungry to see and hear interesting stories

4.  You can personally engage with your fans and potential fans

5.  Tell audience about your event, travel tips, travels create geofilters, stickers, drawings and more to add flavor

6.  Show behind-the-scenes look at the world’s best cities, festivals and activities 

7.  Promote and sell in a creative way (Build your Brand)


Anyone want help with Snapchat my team will be more than glad to help. Linda ( Lyn Moses  on Facebook)

Getaway July 4 – July 9, 2016 To Jamaica And Cayman Islands



  Mon Miami, FL   4:00 PM
  Tue Fun Day At Sea    
  Wed Ocho Rios, Jamaica 10:00 AM 5:00 PM
  Thu Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 9:00 AM 4:30 PM
  Fri Fun Day At Sea    
  Sat Miami, FL 8:00 AM


Call 706-587-2949   Ask For Linda~ For more information and pricing!

Easy Payments, Lowest Cost

*prices subject to change according to availability

Luggage Overboard


When traveling make sure you call the airlines or go online to check to see if there is a charge for luggage.  

Many people  bought new luggage to fit the requirements of the airlines of on board carry on and check-in luggage.

I was surprise when I check-in with Spirit Airlines with their size luggage requirements.

The small luggage on wheelsluggageonwheels so many travelers bought to not be subject to heavy or large luggage is now too large.     

Although my bag was below the 40 lbs weight requirement (33 lbs to be exact) I was still told my bag was too big and I had to check it in and pay $55 charge.

Each airline is different so call or check online before traveling so you won’t be surprise at the check-in.

(Spirit Airlines) Checked bags: Maximum of 62 linear inches (length + width + height; 158 cm) including handles and wheels and maximum of 40 pounds in weight (18.1 kg). Any bag that exceeds these dimensions or weight limit is considered oversized/overweight and has a corresponding charge. Unfortunately, we cannot accept bags that weigh more than 99 pounds (45 kg) or that measure more than 80 linear inches (203 cm) in overall dimensions.

The airline states to keep prices low for everyone, we charge for carry-ons and checked bags. We charge more for checked bags over 40 lbs. This is because the added weight requires more gas for the plane. One personal item that fits in the smaller sizer box (like a small backpack) is included with your ticket. Another personal item or anything larger like a standard carry-on or checked bag will need to be paid for.

Ultimate Branding BluePrint Webinar Review

LindaBranding Banner-01ultimatebrandingblueprint-small


Why I wanted to listen to the live webinar Ultimate Branding Blueprint?


The advertisement caught my attention about Tanya Aliza enrolling 100 New Teammates & Won 4 Vacations in Less than 12 months.


I have been trying to recruit more partners into a direct marketing company I am associated with and frankly I was frustrated.   My blogs and lead magnets are not converting as well as I had hope and when I read about the Ultimate Branding Blueprint I decided to give it a try.


What other reason made you decided to attend the webinar?


It was noted Tanya is the #3 Recruiter in her company which by the way is a global mlm company.


The Ultimate Branding BluePrint, What Is It Actually?


It is the latest product by online Rock-star Tanya Aliza, a 7 figure earner of Business Blog Mastery. 


It shows you exactly how she was able to to generate a minimum of 5-10 leads per day, which lead her to recruit over 400 direct reps in her primary business and earning a consisted 6 figure monthly income online from absolute basic to the exact details.


“Basically, you’re getting a how to guide on exactly how to brand YOU, Create a Killer, professional website, monetize your website, attracting targeted leads & building your list; Blogging 101 and implementing Tanya’s ‘6 figure/month’ system, plus a READY MADE Business Blog Mastery Product!


(I got excited behind this alone) 


Tanya’s Bonuses are Amazing! 


You learn how to attract targeted leads,  Building Your List



What did I think about the product after attending the webinar?


To be straight with you, before the end I was scrambling for my credit card to learn more from Tanya.  She was clear, took her time to tell her story and described what she had to offer and guarantee 100% return if a customer was not satisfied.  There was no hype in her presentation.


What was your first impression when you first looked at the products in the back office?


The back office is well organized with valuable products for a novice or an experienced home based company.


Also, in the back office were  step by step videos of how to implement your blog from beginning to launch.


You are given access to the mastermind facebook group where you can pose questions and get quick responses. 


Tanya is live in the face book group at  least two times a day. 


Her assistant manager is very helpful and continuously monitor and answer questions from the group.  


There is an online support group you can email or telephone with any concerns.  

Tanya updates the products in the office and posts each webinar and lesson in case you cannot make it. 


I decided to join Business Blog Mastery which is said to help you take your new Blog and Brand into major profits and to also help you after you finish building your blog (you know exactly what to do with it).


On top of a bunch of awesome training videos that you get, you also get a Live Webinar training with Tanya 2-3 time per month!!  


Backoffice have so much valuable information again for the novice or experienced home base business owner. 


There is a monthly fee attached to the Blog Mastery,  but the value I saw was well worth me pulling out my card again. 



My overall review is; I am very pleased with the material.  I will write a review on my results and journey of being a part of the group. 


I am in the process of building a website with all the advise given from being apart of it.   Be on the watch for my next review on how I progress using the product.


To your Success!


Linda Moses


P.S.  There is a Thursday night webinar introducing the Ultimate Branding Blueprint if you need an extra boost in your home based business, branding or blog.  Go to:  Ultimate Branding Blueprint Thursday Webinar  to register.  

Surge 365 Ez Travel Button

Surge 365 EZ Travel Button

The BUTTON that will GROW your BUSINESS for You
Now Introducing The EZ Travel Button by Surge 365
THE EZ BUTTON  When enrolling as  a member we make it easy to share the perks with everybody you recognize that Travel.
All of us like to be a blessing to our fellow man right?  Well how about offering them $250 in savings on their following trip, car rental or whatever they select?
This is exactly how we transform vacationing into a way of living!
Learned why a number of people are  going nuts over a little button which is the Key to unlocking to Deep Travel savings onwww.Surge365.com/moses

 This is a great way to take this Summer season’s family vacation.

With purchase of Surge 365 subscription you will certainly receive 10 EZ Buttons, each worth $250 travel credit.

Share these buttons with family and friends to apply towards their vacation and make use of the savings.

Select a location and let’s GO on TRIP!!



A World of Savings to

Amazing Destinations

The EZ Travel Button, when linked into your computer system
will certainly show you 3 Prices for the holiday of your selection. Everyone’s inter-Net deals AND PRICES
The cost as a Visitor of  www.Surge365.com/moses ??? and the prices utilizing the EZ Travel Button.
And the cost as discount member of Surge 365 which can be around 70 % off the internet price.

The EZ Travel Button! Never seen before in Network Marketing! Give Out The Button and Get Paid!

When connected into the computer system the button (a USB device) opens the Membership website and also gives the end user $250 of potential participant pricing discount rates, on any kind of travel they reserve at the participant price. Exactly how awesome is that?? Just in time for Springtime Break!!

1.  Plug it into your Computer
2.  Push the Ez Travel Button
3.  Let the Ez Button Do the Work

Each Ez Travel button has a $250 buck credit savings preloaded that your friend could utilize on our guest participant website.

This is a NO obligation NO strings attached offer.  Also if they do not sign up as a member they still acquire the two hundred and a fifty buck credit.

So all you have to  is simple,  just hand them out.  Basically handing out free money to your closes friends that travel.

Then the system takes over.

This is a system of videos and a system of videos and information that up sale
on your behalf.

The Ez Travel Button does all the work by providing them with all the info that does the  up sales for you.

Keeping you from having to twist peoples arm just to get a sale   no sales pitches no script to learn they will see the value.

They will see the savings and when they buy, well that starts a chain reaction the likes of which have never been seen before in a industry of business to generate $1,000-10,000 even 1 million dollar bonuses.

A business that can set you FREE Surge 365.

Surge 365 is said to be THE NEXT BIG THING!!!

Surge 365  is were travels going.  We are capitalizing on a major  trend in travel Do not miss Out Join day Surge 365 Today !!!

SURGE365‬ is Dominating the ‪MLM‬ and the ‪TRAVEL‬ INDUSTRY with it’s ‪‎Membership‬ , Travel Agent Website, and THE ‪EZ TRAVEL BUTTON‬ that NO Other MLM or Travel Agent Has The Ez Button..

» UNLIMITED $1,000 BONUSES ANYWHERE in your Downline with EVERY 7 Sales
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Massage | Spa & Fitness | Vacations




While you are on a vacation / cruise schedule a massage as part of your things to do.

You are on a vacation to relax your mind, body and soul and a massage will help you to do all three.


Benefits of massages:


Nervous System:


1)  Promotes sense of well being

2)  Stimulates motor nerve points

3)  Helps relieve pain


Respiratory System:


1)  Drain sluggish lymph nodes

2)  Develops respiratory muscles


Muscular System:


1)  Helps to keep muscle flexible and pliable

2)  Relieves soreness and stiffness

3)  Strengthens muscles and connective tissues


Circulatory System:


1)  Helps improve oxygen supply to the cells

2)  Helps improve the nutrient supply to the cells

3)  Eliminates metabolic waste

4)  Helps decrease blood pressure

5)  Helps develop a stronger heart


Skeletal System:


1)  Improves body alignment

2)  Relieve stiff joints

3)  Relieves tired aching feet


Digestive System:


1)  Relieves tension

2)  Relaxes the abdominal and intestinal muscles

3)  Stimulates activity of liver and kidneys


Integument (the skin) System: 

1)   Stimulate blood to nourish the skin 

2)  Improves tone and elasticity of skin


Lymphatic System:

1)  Cleanse the body of metabolic waste

2)  Drain sluggish lymph nodes 

There are different types of massages.  Look to see what massage packages are offer and try one.  One massage at a time will help you feel like a new you.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica Things To Do


 Ocho Rios – Visit Jamaica

Best Beaches in Ocho Rios

1.  MallardsBeach – shopping, restaurants

2.  James Bond Beach – take a tour to take you past GoldenEye, former Jamaican home of the creator of James Bond, Ian Fleming

3.  Dolphin Cove

4.  PuertoSecoBeach

5.  TurtleBeach – largest beach in Orch Rios, rent all sort of water sports equipment

6.  Dunn’s River Beach – snorkel

7.  ReggaeBeach – it has 3 beach bars, island rhythms music blasting

8. MahoganyBeach


1.  BobMarleyMuseum

2.  BlueMountain Tour – Coffee Plantation

3.  Orcho Rios Jamaica Fire Water Tour – therapeutic experience

4.  Fishing Tour

5.  Historic Port Royal and SpanishTown

Resorts In Ocho Rios

1.  ClubHotel Riu Ocho Rios | Jamaica All Inclusive Vacation

2.  Moon PalaceJamaica Grande (Ocho Rios) – Resort

3.  Jamaica All-Inclusive Resort | The Jewel Dunn’s River

4.  Sandals Royal Plantation All Inclusive

5.  CouplesTowerIsleAll Inclusive

6.  Jewel Dunn’s RiverBeach Resort & Spa All Inclusive


Things To Do Port of Ocho Rios

1.  Visit Beaches

2.  Snorkel

3.  River Tubing

4.  Bobsled Tour

5.  Ocho Rios Irie Blue Hole Excursion – Tarzan rope swing, cliff jumps and more

6.  Island Tour -  Learn about the city’s rich history

7.  Take a bus tour

* Ask your travel agent about land excursion tours

Pre and Post Hotel Stays Near Port of Miami


You will find cruises to fit any budget. 

The cruise lines offer an collection of well-liked itineraries from 3 to 11 days or longer. 

Ports of call from Miami extend from the Bahamas to the Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, Key West, Mexico, South America and more.

Cruise Lines leaving Port of Miami are:  

Carnival, Norwegian, Oceania Cruises, P&O Cruises, Hapag-Lloyd, Bimini, MSC Cruises, Regent, AIDA, Costa, Azamara,

Disney Cruise Line, CelebrityXcruises, Crystal Cruises

There is convenient on-port parking with special arrangement for travelers with disabilities. 

If you are arriving by taxi, limousine, shuttle bus or drop off is directly in front of each terminal and entryways are designed for quick and easy check-ins and boarding process.

Holiday Inn Port Of Miami-Downtown 340 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 

This modern hotel is a 13-minute drive from Miami International Airport and 1.1 miles from the Port for Miami. 
The straightforward rooms come with desks, flat-screen TVs and coffeemakers, while deluxe rooms add minifridges and microwaves.

There’s also free WiFi and high-pressure showerheads in the bathrooms, while kids 19 and under stay free with an adult.

Suites add separate living spaces with pull-out sofas and wet bars.

Amenities include a free breakfast bar, an outdoor pool and a fitness center, as well as an American restaurant (where kids 12 and under eat free) serving continental dishes and cocktails.

Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay  Address: 1633 N Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33132  Overlooking a marina on Biscayne Bay, this high-rise hotel is 3.8 miles from the Miami Beach Convention Center and 5 miles from South Beach. 
The classic rooms offer floor-to-ceiling windows (many with bay views), as well as WiFi (fee), flat-screen TVs, desks and coffeemakers.

Executive rooms and suites offer access to a lounge with complimentary WiFi, continental breakfast and snacks.

Suites also add living areas with pull-out sofas.

Amenities include a heated outdoor pool, a hot tub and an exercise room.

There’s also a cafe, a restaurant with bayfront seating, and a poolside bar, plus 20,000 sq ft of meeting space and a business center.

Four Seasons Hotel Miami  1435 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL33131  Set in the financial district, this upscale hotel overlooks Biscayne Bay. It’s 1.7 miles from Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. 
Sophisticated rooms with city or bay views offer flat-screen TVs, iPod docks and Wi-Fi (fee), as well as minifridges, microwaves and coffeemakers. The 1-bedroom suites add separate living rooms with pull-out sofas. Room service is available.

The contemporary American restaurant has a terrace with fire pits, and there’s a 2-acre outdoor pool area with cabanas, a hot tub and a poolside bar. Other amenities include a spa, a fitness center, a business center and 9 meeting rooms. 


Things To Do While in Miami

There, amid Washington Avenue’s tattoo parlors, bodegas and smoke shops, you’ll find an eclectic multimedia trove of decorative and functional objects dating from the late 1800s to 1945.

The museum is small, so it’s a good choice for families

Travel to SouthBeach for an afternoon happy hour. 

Happy hour haven is Juvia (1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach), a rooftop bar and restaurant on the corner Lincoln Road and Lenox Avenue (about a 20-minute walk from the Wolfsonian) where the drinks are pricey but the sunset vantage point makes them worth it. Delicious cocktails — passionfruit cilantro mojito, anyone? — meet water vistas and modern art at Verde (1103 Biscayne Blvd.),

Staying for dinner or an evening SouthBeach is the place to be at the see-and-be-seen restaurants in the hotels along Collins Avenue and at nightclubs on Washington Avenue.

If neither is your scene, check the schedule at the New WorldCenter (500 17th Street, Miami Beach),

Contact or book at:  Moses Pro Travel Network

Pro Travel Agency – From Rags To Riches



Pro Travel Agency Rags To Riches 

So you want to make it in the travel business and don’t quite know where to start. 

Finding an agency to train you to become an independent travel agent is a great start. 

The Host Travel Agency program from Pro Travel Network gives you everything you need to start and grow your very own home-based travel business. 

Our home travel agent program includes your website ongoing training, marketing and accounting tools, and so much more…allowing you to successfully operate your own travel business. 

Start Your Business  Earn Money  See the world  Travel for less.

 Over the past 10 years, Pro Travel Network has help thousands experience the fun, excitement and lifestyle that comes from owning their own travel business. 

Are you ready to change your lifestyle? 

Are you ready to Travel for Life as a Pro? 

Benefits Of Being An Independent Travel Agent

1.  Unlimited income potential

2.  Set your own schedule

3.  Work from home

4.  Choose to specialize in a niche or not

5.  Travel like a pro for less

6.  Unlimited bonuses

Are you ready to invest in your future?

Do you have $400 to start your journey as a Pro Travel Network Travel Agent?

You have the option of growing your business or stay small.

If you decide to market your travel business it can be very rewarding.

Marketing Representative

Pro Travel Network has partner with Surge365 to market the travel business.

Go to www.Surge365Yes.Com  

Travel is an 8 Trillion dollar a year business.  Travelers spend thousands of dollars per day in travel and tourism industries.  In 2015; Will you like to take a percentage of that revenue home to your family? (If, your answer is Yes) Then “surge365″ is for you.  Surge365 has the greatest reward and benefits program when it comes to travel. 


Become a Program Promoter and you will get to enjoy all the perks and have the opportunity to generate thousands of dollars.  Travel the beaches of the world, enjoy discounts, rewards and other valuable discounts. 


The Surge365 program has prelaunched on 03/02/15 and you can secure your FREE spot.  Now!!!  http://www.surge365yes.com to say Yes to Surge365 great benefit and rewards. 


Training and support will be offered to help make you successful.  Say Yes to a better way of living.  http://www.surge365yes.com Say Yes to More in 2015  http://www.surge365yes.com


Surge365 state of the art mobile center back office will allow you to operate your business from your phone.  If all you did was show people what you have access to, you could become financially independent in this arena alone.


Some of our Surge365 products and services include:

  1. Deeply discounted travel deals (up to 70% or more) to luxury resorts and exotic destinations worldwide.
  2. Members will have access to 10 $250 travel discount cards to give away to their friends and family.
  3. On-Line college education. Take as many online courses on an accredited online college for $50 a month.  Imagine earning that masters, bachelors or even doctorate degree on your own schedule.
  4. Savings on credit repair programs.
  5. 24/7 web based, online doctor’s access.
  6. Savings on health care, wellness and prescription programs.
  7. Up to 60% savings on vision and dental services.
  8. Free access to online shopping mall with over 1,000 of the best known stores.
  9. Access to pre-paid legal counsel with unlimited initial phone consultations for each new legal matter, letters and phone calls on the members behalf, assistance with government problems (such as welfare), free living will & more.
  10. And much. more….



Say Yes to More in 2015  Surge365Yes.com


Would You Like To Take Home a Percentage of The Trillion Dollar Travel and Tourism Industry Revenue?



Say Yes to More Surge365Yes.com


Testimony of Agents Of Pro Travel Network

logo “I have worked many years in corporate America for many years, but I was never happy with my job. It seemed that there was something missing. So I decided it was time to retire, but not retire.Since becoming a Independent Agent with Pro Travel Network I have been able to travel to different destinations to get the training that is very important to grow my business. It is so important to know your destination to sell it to your clients and Pro Travel makes that happen. As I grew my business, I realized my passion was helping Brides have the wedding of their dreams. Pro Travel Network gave me the training and the support to accomplish my passion. My business is great and I truly believe that Pro Travel Network has played a big role in making me a successful travel agent. I am thankful every day for the opportunity I have to be a part of a great travel network.”

New Caney, TX
back to top
logo “After retiring from almost 40 years of accounting/financial related work, I felt it was time to pursue my long-time desire of being a travel agent. I love to travel and I thought being a travel agent would give me the chance to travel more affordably. The realization of my dream started when I joined PTN in August/07. With the training provided by PTN through webinars, conference calls, online presentations and regular training events, I acquired the knowledge and experience needed to get accredited as an IATAN-licensed travel agent.
The support from PTN’s staff, especially Jessica Henderson, has been a tremendous help in meeting the needs of my customers. In my almost 4 years of being a home-based travel agent for PTN, I have realized my dream of travelling the world with family and friends via cruises, land tours, flights, rental cars and train trips. Sharing the beauty of the world with people, whether they be old friends or new acquaintances…. for me, that is what I consider the best perk I that I have received from being a home-based travel agent working with PTN.”

Mississauga, ON – Canada
back to top
logo “I’ve been a travel agent with PTN for over 6 years and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve been able to travel the world on a dime and guilt free. I’ve been able to travel to over 30 countries including Europe, South America, China, Middle East, Caribbean, French Polynesian Islands to name a few. I love being a travel professional and working with my clients to create their perfect vacation. I get just as excited for my clients as I do for my own personal travel. I specialize in cruises, groups, international destinations, honeymoons, and adventure travel. It’s time to Travel and I would love to assist you with your travel plans.”

Sparks, NV
back to top
logo “Pro Travel Network has been nothing but a blessing to me. It has changed by life tremendously. My lifetime dream has been to travel around the world once I retired from my full time job. But I wanted to be able to afford it.  It’s only been a short three years since I have become a PTN Travel Agent, and I have traveled more places than ever before; Hawaii, Cruised the Caribbean and now, on my way to Australia. Most of all, I have been able to afford it. “By the way, my husband is retired also.” My husband and I have been on FAM Trips, and other trips at little or no cost. I can travel and still have money in my pocket. I can travel and still live the same lifestyle as when I was working.”

Chicago, IL
back to top
logo “I have Pro Travel to thank for my success. I am CLIA AND IATAN CERTIFIED and  I have been all over the world, from the Caribbean to Alaska and Canada because of my success with Pro Travel. I recently went to Alaska on a Royal Caribbean FAM trip. The cost was only $586.00 for me and my wife, for a suite which was a totally awesome room. The retail price was nearly $10,000.  In November I sailed the western Caribbean on Princess for FREE, as part of my travel agent certification to sell Princess cruises.It was kind of scary opening my own business and quitting my job of 21 years selling cars, but I have great support from everyone at Pro Travel, even the other agents. I am able to advertise my business and get co-op money to help pay for it so that I don’t have to pay for it all. To sum it up, when you join Pro Travel you’re not alone, you’re a part of a family who wants to be there to help you succeed.”

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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logo “I have been with Pro Travel Network since May of 2004.  I have become an accomplished Travel Agent. With the tutorials  that PTN offers it’s agents, I have become certified with Disney, Las Vegas, NCL, Sandals Destination Wedding Planner, to name a few. My family has had an amazing time traveling with me as well, at amazing prices.I have hosted large groups to Hawaii and Europe. Traveling to Spain,Italy,France,Monaco,Canada, Mexico,Caribbean and thru out the United States.
I have gained new friendships with clients, made memories with family and friends that are unforgettable!
Could I have done all this without Pro Travel Network, UNLIKELY, before PTN it was ordinary, 1 vacation per year, after PTN it was AMAZING.Thank you PTN for showing me, I can get BUSY as a Travel Agent in such a delightful and rewarding way!”

SHERRY BULT / Sunshine Travel
Lansing, IL
back to top
logo “My favorite past time is travel and Pro Travel Network has put my travel over the top! I travel more now than I ever have in the past and make money while I’m doing what I enjoy the most!”

Washington, MD

Testimony Of Partners Of Pro Travel Network:


  • userimg
    Partnership Marketing Executive

    “Pro Travel Network is dedicated to evolving both front line and back office practices to  provide streamline experiences for all of their customers.  These practices have earned them recognition by Carnival, including but not limited to the Pinnacle Award, a prestigious award only given to select few top accounts, nation-wide.”

  • userimg
    Regional Vice President
    Western U.S.

    “As long-standing Regional Vice President of the western U.S. with Carnival Cruise Lines, I have been dealing with Pro Travel Network for the past 7 years.  Since that time, Pro Travel Network has proven to be a solid, growth oriented travel partner, whose performance and track record have been well respected by myself and others at Carnival.”

  • userimg
    Sr. Business Development
    Income Disclaimer:
    I cannot guarantee how much you will make in the travel industry due to the many factors such as work ethics, economy etc..
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