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Travel Tip Tuesday – Cultural Differences




Cultural Differences

Visiting different areas of the world is an incredible way to broaden your horizons and appreciate this world in an entirely new light. However, leaving your comfort zone to go explore unknown locations can understandably be unnerving. It’s not uncommon for travelers to experience some degree of culture shock during their trip. Such examples include how people greet one another, the language, the adequacy of the restrooms and accommodations, the type of cuisine, facial expressions, currency, mannerisms, the Embracing list goes on and on.

Hit The Books

Researching your destination in advance is the key to a comfortable, enjoyable journey wherever you end up going. The internet is your best resource for finding information that you need. Reading books or even watching certain television shows will also help you feel more prepared. Keep in mind that most of the world expects a certain amount of naivety from travelers, so don’t worry about trying to know everything beforehand. For example, it is not customary to tip in Japan, eat in public transportation in Singapore, or eat with your hands in Chile, the locals are likely to quickly forgive such cultural faux pas since it’s understood that their social norms are new to you. Focus on learning the basics for everyday social interaction.

Enjoy Yourself

Bear in mind that wherever you touch down, most locals are likely to be welcoming and thrilled that you decided to make their homeland your getaway destination of choice. Provided you share a common language, talk to them, share stories, share food, learn about their humor and way of life, and teach them the same in return. Move outside major tourist areas to find real, genuine locals to truly immerse yourself in the culture and learn new things.

Keep Top Of Mind

  • Sitting with legs crossed is common in North America and some European countries, but showing the sole of your shoe to another person is considered disrespectful in Asia and the Middle East.
  • Bargaining is often an expected part of transactions abroad. Learn to haggle and demand better prices.
  • Showing the peace sign in the United States is the equivalent of giving someone the finger in the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa. Just remember that this only applies should your palm be facing you. If your palm is facing outwards then you’re in the clear.
  • The “a-okay” hand symbol is equivalent to giving the finger in Brazil.
  • In Morocco it is considered impolite to see someone you know, say “hi”, and keep walking. Be prepared to chat for a while about family, children, health, etc.

Experiencing new foods, sights, and ways of doing things is one of the best parts of travel, but can be hard to adjust to if you don’t travel often. By using these tips as a guideline, you can better organize and prepare for your trip. Stay tuned to Travel Tip Tuesdays for more in-depth information about the best way to travel.

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Travel Tip Tuesday – Ferris Wheels




High Roller
Las Vegas, Nevada
Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, the High Roller is the world’s largest observation wheel with 28 transparent pods holding 40 passengers each.

Singapore Flyer


Standing at a stunning 541 feet from the ground, the Singapore Flyer offers you breathtaking, panoramic views of the Marina Bay and beyond.

Star Of Nanchang

Nanchang, China

The Star Of Nanchang looks like a huge dazzling clock at night since it is adorned with 7,000 LED lights.

London Eye

London, England

Also known as the Millennium Wheel, the London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe.

Orlando Eye

Orlando, Florida

Each capsule contains Apple iPads allowing you to learn about the landmarks and surroundings in several languages and see beyond what the eye can see.

Melbourne Star

Docklands, Australia

Whether you know and love Melbourne, or are a first-time visitor to the cultural capital, the Melbourne Star is a spectacular way to get your bearings.

Tianjin Eye

Tianjin, China

The Tianjin Eye is a 394 foot tall Ferris wheel built on the Yongle Bridge over the Hai River in Tianjin, China. It is the only such wheel to have been constructed over a bridge.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel

Anaheim, California

Mickey’s Fun Wheel offers two different ride experiences: swinging or stationary gondola.
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10 Tips To Save On Hotels















Hotels – hotel coupons or room savers (online) 

  • Check with the hotel if they have a frequent guest plan or reward credits
  • coupons free-hotel-coupons (1)
  • Ask about package deals
  • Join an exclusive travel club
  • If attending a conference, ask for the delegate rate  rutherford-8280-edited_0
  • Explore other options than hotels – homes, apartments, guest rooms and houses, B&B’s , sub-let or short-term ‘lease’-like agreements for example: rent a Florida house for a month, staying with family or friends, relatives or business contacts, farmhouses, self-catering apartments, Monasteries and convents in Europe are also cheaper options
  • All-Inclusive hotels and resort (helps to reduce worry of additional cost for food, drinks, and additional activities that maybe included)
  • Cash in on those reward credits you received from prior hotel visits, credit cards offering credits for hotels and exclusive club memberships rewards (Be sure to have your reward credits handy when booking in case third parties are unable to find your number.
  • Avoid big Hotel bills, try AAA memberships, family-friendly hotels, ask for a first floor room, as most have pools (if you are fearful for little children wandering around and falling in), military discounts, senior citizen discounts, etc.
  • continental breakfasts are a great money-saver for large families
  • Ask about any reduced fares at hotels, consider last-minute check-ins – hotels are rarely really fully booked
  • Eating in a supermarket deli-like counter proves to be much cheaper than fast-food locations or expensive restaurants


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Green Tea Helps In Weight Loss Truth or Hype?


It is said that green tea originated in China.  

There are variations of green tea grown and produced all over the world today, including China, Japan,Bangladesh, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan,  Hawaii and even South Carolina.  

Green tea is presently popular in  many cultures.  

Black tea and green tea comes from the same plant -Camellia sinensis

When green tea is harvested it is quickly heated by pan firing or steaming—dried to prevent too much oxidation from occurring that would turn the green leaves brown and change the flavor.  

Black tea is harvest are harvested and allowed to oxidize before being heated,, processed and dried.   

Green Tea Helps In Weight Loss Truth or Hype?

Finding a product that is safe to help in weight loss is the quest of many dieters.

Going to the gym is not enough for some, surgery is not option for many and moving away from the table seem to foreign to others.

We live in a microwave society and expect everything to happen quickly.

Weight watchers looking for ways to burn fat faster and speed up the process would be ecstatic.

Green Tea Miracle or False Hope?

Many people are saying green tea is aiding them to lose weight.

Green tea has powerful antioxidants which aid in  protecting cells and molecules from damage and other diseases.

It acts as a stimulant due to the caffeine properties which is said helps improve memory (wards off Alzheimer’s.), moods, helps keep you alert, aids in relieving muscle pain and more.

In some studies, green tea has been shown to help regulate insulin and lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

Green tea helps burn fat faster, and can even turn off the receptors that make us want to eat.

However, green tea and other foods with anti-oxidants keep free radicals at bay, preventing aging and disease.

For example, diets rich in green tea and other anti-oxidants have been linked to a reduction in the risk of heart disease and cancer.

So, green tea is a weight loss supplement that you can feel good about, because it can improve your overall health while it helps you shed the pounds.

Many of us take our caffeine intake for granted, but caffeine has been shown to aid in weight loss.

Many studies have shown that people on a low calorie diet who consume caffeine daily lose more weight overall than those who are on a low calorie diet alone.

Diets rich in tea are thought to prevent many diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

Theanine is the main amino acid in green tea.

Theanine may be important to weight loss because of its ability to induce relaxation and the release of dopamine.

Dopamine is a chemical produced by the brain that helps in providing a feeling of well being in the body.

In short, green tea seems to be the near perfect combination for helping lose weight and improve health at the same time.

Green tea is good for health and losing weight.

Include physical exercise to help aid in your weight loss regime along with drinking green tea. 

Disclaimer:   Before  changing diets and exercise consult with your professional medical adviser.


List Building Pitfalls Revealed (Free Download)


Effective Email List Building for Product and/or Service Marketing is Much, Much More Than Just Gathering a Huge List of Worthless Leads

 I want to share with you how I am getting leads for my travel business.

 You will be able to use these tips for any business you are currently in now.  

Building a list is easy.  You want to avoid making list building mistakes that reduce your profitability.

The simple formula for growing a massive email list:

1. Use an autoresponder such as Aweber (to capture names and emails)

2.  Use a capture page to draw attention 

3.  Give away a gift (eBook is a great a popular gift)


Avoid Making List Building Mistakes That Reduce Your Profitability


Email List building is one of the most important and effective means for increasing operational profitability.  For example, while 62% of Internet users might participate in social media at times, over 85% of those online use email, many on a regular basis.  These types of statistics and facts highlight the primary importance of email marketing for the success of any online business.  And the results from email marketing are only as good as the subscriber list itself.  A high quality email list will generate a higher response rate and more sales.

However, when building an email list for marketing, many get lost in the numbers, the quantity rather than the quality.  This results in poor response ratios and many other problems, such as getting tagged by Internet service providers as one who sends out spam.  It doesn’t matter if the subscribers gave their approval in some way, because if they report your emails as spam, it will affect you whether you like it or not.  The key is avoid the mistakes of manipulative email grabs and other tactics that focus on numbers rather than quality.


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However, List Building Pitfalls Revealed is much more than just a book of simple basics discussing how to build a list.  Though it does teach you how to build an effective list, it also focuses on this process in a unique way by discussing the common mistakes you need to avoid.  We are going to tell you precisely how you can build a list of extreme value and worth that consists of real people who are really interested in your products and/or services.  Quality rather than just quantity!


List Building Pitfalls Revealed will provide you with the following information to help you avoid list building mistakes and maximize your success:


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Traveling Tips The Pros Use


 Every one loves to travel.

Gaining knowledge about traveling will save you time, money and energy.

 Here are a few tips to make your travels easier, and more enjoyable: 

1.  Make sure you create copies of all your important documents before you leave.

2.  Contact hotel before you travel to inquire about any resources that may be available. 

3.  Always make photo copies of  itinerary,  passport and any other documents you may need for  your trip; and keep them in a safe place that can be accessed in the event of an emergency

 4 .  It is advisable not to keep document copies and the originals together.  Store copies in a safe place at home or leave copies with someone you can trust in case you lose the ones you are taking with you. 

5.  Do not be a pack rat.  Only carry items and clothing necessary for your trip.  

6.  Check out the weather before you take your trip to better prepare yourself with the type of clothing you will need.

7.  Take clothing you can mix and match.  

8.  While you are ordering your airline tickets look for ways to ensure your flight is comfortable. 

9.  If you really need a room at a booked hotel, ask if they are willing to let you pay for a room that is marked out of service. If there are minor issues with a room it is usually referred to as being out of order.

 10.. A number of companies offer conveniently sized candles that don’t drip wax.  This can make the scent of your room more appealing. They are soothing and give the room a romantic feel, making it easy to relax 

11.  Make sure you have chargers for your  electronic equipment.  Take an extra battery to be on the safe side.  

12.  If you take medicine make sure you carry them in your prescription bottles, boxes  and have your doctors signature on bottle or letter on the type of medication you are carrying. 

 13.  If your phone does not access a GPS purchasing one if you tend to leave your hotel and you are not familiar wwith your surroundings. 

 14.  Whenever you visit a foreign country, it pays to do your homework regarding the prevailing political and social climate. The best place to find this information is the federal B.C.A. They provide travel advisories and other information that is of interest for tourists going abroad. This is useful when you want avoid any trouble.

 15.   Do not rely on shoulder straps alone. Also, pick travel bags with secured flaps that conceal zippers and pockets, so that access is not easy in crowded or dangerous areas. Keep close track of your belongings while traveling, especially important things like money and identification. When carrying a handbag, hold it securely against your body using your arm.

 Prepare  for your travel to make your trip less stressful.. Enjoy and have a safe trip when traveling.  





“Budget Travel”

 budget_travel_cover The Product: The “Budget Travel” guide is targeted at students, young people and anyone else that wants to travel as much as they can without draining their bank account. Travel does not have to be something you save for all year, it can be something you can afford to de every single month!Inside, your customers will find valuable information on saving as much money as possible on everything from flight and hotels to cruises and special package deals.

Here is just some of the stuff your paying customers will lean in

“Budget Travel”:

 budget_travel_checkThe absolute best times of year to take that vacation to guarantee you get the lowest prices.

budget_travel_check The single biggest money saver in travel. What it is and how you can take advantage of it.

 budget_travel_checkTwo key things that can have a huge impact on the cost of your vacation.

 budget_travel_checkThe best places to visit in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. There are places that are dirt cheap to visit in a specific season.

 budget_travel_checkHow to get HUGE discounts on hotels.

budget_travel_check What days of the week have the cheapest prices on flights.

 budget_travel_checkSimple tricks you can use to save big money on airline tickets.These are 100% legal, and almost no one knows about them.

budget_travel_check Best times to travel to Europe, Mexican beaches, Caribbean islands, Asia, Egypt, and more.

 budget_travel_checkHow to do your “homework” and recognize great deals when you see them so you can take advantage of them right away. There are last minute deals out there that are just insane, and you need to know where to look and what to look for in these deals.

 budget_travel_checkHow to get the best bargains on package deals.

 budget_travel_checkHow to go on cheap “round the world” adventures.

budget_travel_check How to get bargains on cruises.

budget_travel_check Exactly where to find these amazing travel bargains. Companies often have special deals, but if you don’t know where to look, you’ll never hear about them.

budget_travel_check How to get notified of special deals and bargains before everyone else hears about them.

 budget_travel_checkHow to get special deals and discounts if you’re a student or are under 26.

 budget_travel_checkHow to get free hotel nights, free wine, and other cool incentives.

budget_travel_check How to save money on food, car rental, and other important things once you actually get to your destination.

 budget_travel_checkHow to save money on family vacations.

budget_travel_check An more….

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Budget Travel Ebook


Travel Concierge Services


Using Surge365 As A Perk For Your  Business 

What is Surge365? 

Surge365 is an exclusive travel club.  There are many  benefits when you are a member of Surge365.  A few of the benefits are listed below:

Some of our Surge365 products and services include:

  1. Deeply discounted travel deals (up to 70% or more) to luxury resorts and exotic destinations worldwide.
  2. Members will have access to 10 $250 travel discount cards to give away to their friends and family.
  3. On-Line college education. Take as many online courses on an accredited online college for $50 a month.  Imagine earning that masters, bachelors or even doctorate degree on your own schedule.
  4. Savings on credit repair programs.
  5. 24/7 web based, online doctor’s access.
  6. Savings on health care, wellness and prescription programs.
  7. Up to 60% savings on vision and dental services.
  8. Free access to online shopping mall with over 1,000 of the best known stores.
  9. Access to pre-paid legal counsel with unlimited initial phone consultations for each new legal matter, letters and phone calls on the members behalf, assistance with government problems (such as welfare), free living will & more.
  10. And much. more….

How can you use Surge365 as a perk for business employees? 

As a business you accumulate points and credits as you take book your business trips with the plan.  The reward credits accumulate fast, do not expire for 10 years, can easily add up enough for free trips /vacation pkgs which can be given away as perks.

Watch video below explaining the benefits of Surge365:

Use Surge365 Concierge Service To Help

Scheduling trips takes up a lot of time.  You will be able to have a concierge locate and book your trip for you.  There is no charge for the concierge service.

 9 Tips For Preparing For A Business Trip

1.  Make sure your Visa is up to date (foreign business trips)

2.  Put cash aside for your trip.  Create a vacation savings account specifically for your trip.

3.  Have an itinerary of your trip printed out.  Have an extra copy made in case you lose your copy while traveling or electronic device is lost or unable to access wireless reception.   

4.   If using a travel agent be sure to ask for any discount available for any excursions or trips.  Also; some travel agents will give you an emergency number to call them if you have any problems while traveling and need to contact someone back home.  

5.  Do research about the place and their customs you are planning to visit. 

6.  Research the weather of place you are visiting for the time period you have in mind.  Carry the proper clothing for the climate you are going to visit.  Do not over pack with unnecessary items.

7.  Portable battery charger  for devices you will be carrying.

8.  Invest in travelers checks instead of carrying cash.  Travelers checks can be replaced if lost or misplaced. (Albeit your place of business maybe paying for your expenses it is wise to have personal spending money for unexpected expenses and be sure to keep all receipts; paper and electronically)

9.   Decide what you will do with pets at home.  Animal care businesses are springing up all over.  Take time to visit pet care sites before you leave your pets.  Include the price of care of your pets in your travel budget.  

Enjoy and have a safe trip!

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Being a Pro Travel Network Travel Agent isn’t for everyone. It takes a financial commitment, time commitment, and tremendous effort to build a successful travel business and keep it thriving. Whether a home based travel agent or storefront, Our Agents are:

  • Highly trained and have a full corporate team working for them
  • Convinced that personal service and relationship still matter
  • Committed to their business and customers

The Faces of Pro Travel Network

As the face of Pro Travel Network in your community, each agent

is the CEO of his or her own business. This gives them tremendous

incentive and flexibility to spend as much time as needed with

each customer. Developing long term relationships is a core

goal of every Pro Travel Network agent.

Book Anyone to Anywhere

As a host travel agency, Pro Travel Network provides hundreds of

top suppliers to choose from. Our host agency has preferred contracts

with all of the top suppliers such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, NCL,

Air Canada, West Jet, United Airlines Vacations, Fun Jet Vacations,

Apple Vacations, Disney, and many, many others. From booking

simple domestic and international flights, to all types of complex

travel such as vacation packages, cruises, and even groups and

business travel, Pro Travel Network agents can do it all.
Each Pro Travel Network travel agent, with the backing and support

of our corporate employees, is 100% committed to exceeding your expectations.




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home-based travel business.

Thank you for letting me share with you.

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New Blog Talk ~Lyn Moses



How To Write A Travel To Go Checklist


Give yourself plenty of time to plan for your trip. As you think of things you want to take on your trip write it down as a draft.


About a month out before your trip go over your draft and start eliminating things you can do without.


Writing a checklist will help to keep stress levels down in preparing for your trip and on the actual day you are leaving. 


Important items to include on your travel checklist:


1.  Identification for yourself and family members.  Depending on where you are traveling you might need a passport for each member of the family.  If you have a passport make sure it has Not expired.


2.  Put cash aside for your trip.  Create a vacation savings account specifically for your trip.


3.  Have an itinerary of your trip printed out.  Have an extra copy made in case you lose your copy while traveling or electronic device is lost or unable to access wireless reception.


   4.   If using a travel agent be sure to ask for any discount available for any excursions or trips.  Also; some travel agents will give you an emergency to number to call them if you have any problems while traveling and need to contact someone back home.


  5.  Do research about the place and their customs you are planning to visit.


  6.  Research the weather of place you are visiting for the time period you have in mind.  Carry the proper clothing for the climate you are going to visit.  Do not over pack with unnecessary items.


7.  Portable battery charger  for devices you will be carrying.


8.  Invest in travelers checks instead of carrying cash.  

Travelers checks can be replaced if lost or misplaced.


9.   Decide what you will do with pets at home.  Animal care businesses are springing up all over.

 Take time to visit pet care sites before you leave your pets.  

Include the price of care of your pets in your travel budget.  



Enjoy and have a safe trip! book-now-button3  


How to Take a Vacation Without Your Business Falling Apart by Tikoshia Davis


I met Tikoshia Davis at a D.I.V.A DINE Network Mixer.    Tikoshia is a business coach and a Creative Solutions engineer.  She has previous experience as a Civil & Environmental Engineer.   She recently wrote a blog I believe is suited for the New Blog Talk. Travel Blog.   How to Take a Vacation Without Your Business Falling Apart by Tikoshia Davis  

Everyone loves to take a vacation.   Getting away from your business can be a bigger task when you want to take that needed vacation and you just don’t know how you can do it without your business falling apart.   Tikoshia gives some valuable tips about how to take a vacation and how to keep your business together.  Click Here.

Please click the link above to read her blog.   Take a look around her website and reach out to Tikoshia.  She is both pleasant, professional and very knowledgeable in what she does.

I would like to thank Tikoshia for letting me feature her blog on Travel Blog and hope we will be able to feature more of her blogs in the future.

Tikoshia Davis is a Creative Solutions Engineer and Business Coach to Creative Soulpreneurs.  She supports entrepreneurs in operating their businesses in a way that optimizes their time, increases their profits, and gives them the freedom to enjoy their lives outside their business. Get more tips & inspiration at