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Learn How To Turn Your Next Vacation Into A Paid Vacation


Ask Me How To:

1.  Own Your Own Business

2. Build Residual Income

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4.  Earn Travel Commissions

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Travel for Life – The PTN Travel Business Opportunity

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Love to travel? Enjoy helping others? Looking to earn extra money?

A career in the travel industry can be both financially rewarding and incredibly fun. Imagine earning income simply for helping others create life’s most powerful memories.

Travel is the #1 thing people want to do. 

As a Travel Agent, much of your on-going learning will be from experiencing the very destinations your clients will book.

Suppliers often offer travel agents substantially reduced travel rates, including special familiarization or FAM trips, allowing you to experience the hotels, resorts tours, and cruise ships first hand. 

Pro Travel Network offers the premier home based travel business opportunity, and has helped thousands, with no previous travel or business ownership experience, start their very own home based travel businesses.

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Travel for Life – The PTN Travel Business Opportunity
Powered by GoToWebinar®       May 23, 2014
Love to travel? Enjoy helping others? Looking to earn extra money? A career in the travel industry can be both financially rewarding and incredibly fun. Imagine earning income simply for helping others create life’s most powerful memories. Travel is the #1 thing people want to do. 

As a Travel Agent, much of your on-going learning will be from experiencing the very destinations your clients will book. Suppliers often offer travel agents substantially reduced travel rates, including special familarization or FAM trips, allowing you to experience the hotels, resorts tours, and cruise ships first hand. 

Pro Travel Network offers the premier home based travel business opportunity, and has helped thousands, with no previous travel or business ownership experience, start their very own home based travel businesses.

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Visiting AfriKana 5 Tips


Aimée Lalyss-Moseka 

Welcome to the first of 7 series we will be doing about Africa.  

We will cover tips for first time travelers, how to get an inexpensive flight, places to visit, safari, music, clothing to carry and more.   Our featured artist is Aimee Lalyss-Moseka.  (read more about our featured artist below)

Visiting Afrikana 5 Things You Need Before Your Trip:

1)  Seek advice from a professional Travel Agent  

2)  Itinerary 

3)  Get all Vaccinations needed before trip

4)  Visa or passport




5)  Get advice on weather, health and safety issues.

Aimée Lalyss-Moseka is an innovative artist in music with her own band The New @adress. She is an author- composer, who plays the acoustic guitar and the piano. Aimée Lalyss-Moseka is a native of the R.D.Congo, in the region of the Equator, from her hometown of Bumba. She was born in a family of musicians, her father was the leader of the well known group in East-Africa VICO JAZZ.


Inspired by Tribal melodies like Mongango sung by her grand mother, Aimée Lalyss-Moseka began singing at the age of 9. As artistic studies she attended the P.E.A Vocational School, and the Performing-Art London Croydon, UK. After her studies Aimée Lalyss worked as a background singer for multiple artists in the R&B, POP, HipHop and World Music genres.
In 2002 she founded her live band New@dress, with girls only, composing a music style Afro-R’n’B, Tribal-Soul with POP influences. Their main performances have been live concerts at Festival Voix des Femmes, Festival Couleur Café (BE), Festival Polé-Polé (BE) and Sun Crazy Festival. The 14th of April 2002 a major concert was organized at Olympia (Paris) as pre-show for King Kester-Emeneya and Tabuley Rochereau. On 27 June 2002 they were invited at Zenith (Paris) as pre-show for Zaiko Langa-Langa. Another show at Espace Sanghor with Jeff Kavanda, as part of Festival Afrique in Francophonie.
New@dress has participated in multiple radio programs like FM-Brussel, La Voix de l’Afrique, Radio Campus, FM Limburg, Studio Brussel, Africa n°1 and RTBF Radio. This lead to the first album entitled “Motendi Mo’Elimo”, which means “The Spirit of Light”. Aimée Lalyss has been assisted by the collaboration of Sec-bidens Monganga, Samuel Gyselbrecht, Paul d’Artet from Office Productions and Patrick-Buta Kilulu from 9 Productions. She currently resides in Tervuren Belgium.

label de promotion de musique pour faire connaître des nouveaux talents  avec des compositions original et porteur de messages humanitaires.

Band Interests

Travaille pour les enfants defavorise avec l’association écolesecours-Afrique


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What Would You Rather Do: Watch TV Or Make Some Real Money?

tips for success with lyn4

Travel Business:

You want to get into the travel industry as a travel agent. It is your desire to be the best there ever was as an independent travel agent.

We will explore many things you need to consider before entering the travel industry, if you plan to be successful.

The number of home-base businesses are rising fast. People are looking for ways to stay at home and raise family and obtain financial freedom.

Travel agency is one such business that has offered many the opportunity to work from home, on the go, while vacationing for free with the family or where ever else you choose.  


Travel is a $7 Trillion dollar industry. With baby boomers retiring every eight seconds. Home-base businesses make up over 50% of small businesses. Technology has made it all possible allowing all these factors to come together.


There are records of people becoming overnight success due mainly because of time and chance. With that being the case, you need to plan your success in traveling like any other business. It is going to take preparation, planning and practice. There are going to be some rejection, but you must build on top of those rejections until you meet acceptance.


There is going to be a lot of giving on your part. Giving of time, money, and love when it appears to be none it return. Do not grow tired and weary when things are not happening as fast as you may want. You must stay firm and do not start jumping from one thing to the other without a plan.


Before you plan a path, know where you are going and expect results from all your strategies. Hold on to your expectation, and keep your eyes on the prize. Never give up. Never let go. Hold on to your dream and with a plan, strategy and determination you will be successful.


Travel Niches

Ways to make money  (There are many more areas to explore than the ones below):  

1)  Travel Agent

2)  Marketing Representative

3)  Cruise Expert

4)  HoneyMoon Specialist

5)  Information Specialist

6)  Bloggers

7)  Travel Consultant


As a travel agent within the travel business many agencies offer different incentives to their independent travel agents:

1)  Bonuses

2) Matrix payouts

3)  Referral payments

4)  Up to 80% fees payout


Before entering into the world of travel, decide if you are going to be an independent agent or a marketing representative (you will recruit others into the travel industry to be an agent and get a commission for referral.


(There is nothing wrong with one or the other, but it is a good idea to decide and minimize confusion for yourself. You might decide to do both sides of the business which can be more profitable for you.


Decide if you are going to work for someone or be your own boss. You would indeed have full control over all your work and financial successes. The responsibility of the success of the agency is on your back as a boss. As an Independent Travel Agent it can be difficult if you do not plan out your marketing strategy.

The above statements are meant to encourage you, give you guidance and prepare you mentally to take charge of your career. It can work but I would recommend you getting proper training and a good mentor for your journey into the world of traveling.

Someone who has the experience and knowledge to help your career to grow and flourish in the direction you want it to go will save you a lot of time.

Some bosses wisely hire consultants to help them in areas that are unfamiliar to them or to alleviate some of the worries of being a boss. In this case, you should consider someone you can trust to give you full guidance in whatever area you hire them to be as your consultant. Never rely on someone solely, or so much until you lack the motive to work your own career and not have creativity to produce results. A consultant advises you on what is best for your career. You can either agree or disagree to go with their decision (you are the boss).

If you are still thinking about a career in travel; Pro Travel Network is #1 in the business offering you the best of training, mentoring and guidance.  (I am an independent agent with Pro Travel Network).  

There is no overhead or expensive costs to operate a home-base business. It is a business and you should treat it like a business. Develop a plan, write it down and execute it.

Are you ready to change your life? Our vision is to help hundreds of thousands of network marketers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs have massive breakthroughs and create a permanent change in their quality of life and financial situation.





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Here’s how you use it:

1. Type in the website address of a blog similar to yours. (You probably know one, but if you don’t, use to find one.)

2. Let it create its report.  When it’s done, you’ll have a list of all the posts on the blog, sorted by how many times they’ve been shared.

3. Read the top 50 posts. Also read the comments. At least the first 50 on each post.

That’s it. When you’re done, you’ll know your audience.


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Complete Brand Insights

  • Monitor all Pinterest activity related to your company, products and competitors.
  • Track your Pinterest profiles, domains, #hashtags, keywords, and more.
  • Easy-to-use reports surface what matters most to turn insights into real business results.


Hashtags are being used on Facebook and Twitter to get the attention of target audiences.   Use it to help create notice to your postings for trips, travel business and more.

You can use existing #hashtags or create your own. To create a new # is simple.  Just type # in front of any word, acronym or phrase, no spaces.  

 Find out how to get A Million Hits to your travel video site


Set up a calendar to post to your social media platforms.


Make Money From Home




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The Shocking Truth About Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance

There is a variety of travel insurance that is available for you.  Here is a list of places you can obtain travel insurance:

1.  Personal insurance carrier

2.  Credit Card Company

3.  Travel Agency

Your personal insurance carrier, your credit card company, travel agents and specialists all offer different forms of travel insurance. Sometimes your auto or health insurance or your credits already cover travel insurance related to your vacation.

When should you buy insurance and which should you choose?

The 4 types of travel insurance are:

1.  Medical coverage

2. Medical evacuation

3.  Accidental

4.  Trip Protection

Medical coverage

For medical insurance, make sure you check their rules and conditions for age limits. Some insurance policies charge higher for seniors. The medical coverage includes medical and dental expenses incurred because of injury or illness.

 Medical evacuation

A medical evacuation, which covers your transportation to a hospital in case you are injured in a remote area and need a helicopter, is typically included your medical coverage. You may however choose to purchase on a stand-alone policy.


Meanwhile, an accidental death and dismemberment policy acts like any life insurance policy paying your beneficiary a certain amount in the event of death.


Trip protection

It can be purchased for a single or annual multi-trip basis. This insurance has three main parts: cancellation coverage, delay coverage, and trip interruption protection.

The first one covers insurance—prepaid expenses will be reimbursed—in case you need to cancel your trip due to illness or if a family member is sick or dies. The second one deals with transportation delays. In the event that your flight is delayed due to snow, your prepaid hotel expenses are covered. The last type is used in the event that you get sick while away and you want an interruption policy.

The third type of insurance is the luggage or car rental protection. It covers your rental car in case of an accident and your baggage and personal items are lost, damaged, or stolen. Take note however that most policies of this type do not cover loss or damage in flight and too expensive items.

With this type of travel insurance, make sure you read the rules and conditions. Sometimes your personal auto insurance might cover such. Further, look for policies that offer not only monetary coverage but also travel assistance.

Buying Travel Insurance and Maximizing the Benefits

Once you know all the types of insurance offered and what you need, the next question is how to buy one that you can maximize the benefits.

You should determine all the rules and conditions that are covered in your current insurance policies and credit cards. Check strictly all your policies if they still cover foreign countries in the event that you are traveling abroad.

Make sure that your expenses are covered up front and you get reimbursed later. Be sure that you understand very well the deductible and coverage limits. In addition, beware of travel insurance bundled with your trip.  Most of the time, these are more expensive.   Talk to your travel agent and ask the right questions so they may better serve you.  A travel agent maybe able to negotiate a better deal with the supplier.

You should shop around and check and compare prices and coverage.




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Traveling Cheap And Seeing The World




Traveling, in any language, always connotes money and expenses – loads of it. Even foregoing visions of traveling first-class with first-class amenities and all that, the fact that one does go out of one’s place to go to another (desired) place still means fare money, board and lodging, and those other countless expenses you did not know at all.

On the other side of the equation, you may have noticed that some people manage to travel for months (or, even years) without showing any signs of wear and tear. Nor were there any police squads barging into their houses in the middle of the night and hauling them away for some crimes involving money.

The simple reason is that they are not necessarily rich. They just know how to make their travel money last longer, and afford to travel to more places at more times.

There are many ways to see the world at a bargain price, so to speak. The following are some tips and guides picked up from all over.

Knowing where to go

Knowing where to go is different from knowing where you want to go. All the places in the world have their charms that you haven’t seen on TV or in magazines. We are concerned about travel budget here and ways on how to stretch it.

Many countries in Asia, parts of Africa and South America are much cheaper to go to than North America, Europe or Australia. Your travel money for one week in Europe can last a month in India, Nepal and many Southeast Asian countries.

Flying months

Initial air fares make the biggest cuts into your travel budget. Knowing the holiday seasons around the world and being flexible with your own travel dates and times is a perfect combination to score some big savings.

Take note that half of the world’s population wants to fly in December for the Christmas holidays. In Europe, the most expensive months to fly around are in July and August which are the European summer holiday months.

Transport costs

Costs of air fares for the same destination can be drastically different according to the actual time you fly. Flying mid-week instead of around the weekend or at “unholy hours” like very early in the morning can reduce air fares.

Booking your flight online and well in advance is much cheaper. Round trip (back and forth) tickets are also cheaper than standard fares.

Unless you do not know the place (and traveling light), trains and buses are good buys for cheap city fares. (Sometimes, they can even be cheaper at night in some places.)


These days, youth hostels can be an affordable option around the world. (These are at places that don’t have a backpacker scene or cheap traveller’s guesthouses.)

Sometimes, discounts can be negotiated in many guest houses (sometimes called “pension houses” in other places) and hotels if you are staying longer. It is cheaper than moving to new places every few days or so.


There are other options in reducing some of the costs of travel. Keeping one’s eyes open to new possibilities (aside from those listed here) can go a long way in helping costs down and make your stay enjoyable and cheap.

Using An Internet Marketing Formula to Build Your Business

The internet in marketing formula involves so many aspects that will drive a business. There are so many different platform and venues you can use to promote your business digitally.

Send email newsletters that launch a product or new benefit to a mailing list.

Four ways to use the internet for your business are:

1) Video has invited a wealth of possibilities by inviting viral marketing with video clips showing business promotions.

2) YouTube has become a platform for business launches as a result.

3) Social Media is very popular way to get subscribers, advertise your business, build listings, connect and converse with others to build relationships.

4) There is soundcloud, podcasting, distributing audio files that talk about a business venture.

People are moving away from TV, radio and the yellow pages in vast numbers to gather up to date information on the web.

It is important to use the formula correctly if you want to build your business. New Blog Talk will address those ways to use the formula to build a successful business on the internet



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Travel And Packing Trade Secrets

One witty person had once declared that there are two kinds of travelers in the world – those who packed light and those who wished they had. If you plan to travel and it is your first time, check out the following list of packing tips and guidelines.

This list of time-tested advice on packing had been compiled and consolidated by people who know the best about travels. In fact, they are considered the most-traveled individuals in the whole world.

Packing list

First, make a packing list. This is to eliminate panic on last-minute packing. It can also serve as a guide when repacking your things after your trip. In an extreme case of your luggage getting lost, you can use for claims or additional identity papers.

When doing the list, check on the events you are going to and list down possible clothes for each occasion you intend to attend. Choose outfits that go together well based on complimentary colors. Or go back to the old reliable blacks and other dark-colored clothes.

After doing the packing list, lay out the things you intend to bring and check them again against your list. Segregate those you will bring and make sure they are all clean and ready to go.

Personal items

An all-purpose lotion is better than a different bottle each for hands, face and body. Bringing disposables (razors, toothbrush) is better than bringing the electric models.

Leave behind all those jewelry items you don’t want to lose, including those flashy ones that attract thieves.


Leave behind the perfume. Scented lotions are good substitutes. Bring those personal items that are available in small travel sizes. (Many airports are now restricting the amount of liquids to bring inside airplanes. Check those in your destinations.)

Bring a small first aid kit with aspirins and other emergency medicines, sunscreen, and the amazing Swiss army knife. Pack this in your checked luggage because it is banned to bring inside the plane.

The art of packing

Iron everything before folding them into the suitcase. Button all buttons and zip all zippers. T-shirts, jeans, skirts and sports coats may be rolled up and carefully stuffed inside duffel bags.

Always pack tightly. The insides of shoes are perfect for socks and underwear.

Label with your name and phone number (NOT your address) all the pieces of your luggage. If an address is required, use your office address. Remove old claims slips to avoid confused.

Travel documents and other papers

Always carry travel documents, medication, jewelry, traveler’s checks, keys and other valuables in your carry-on luggage. Items such as these should never be packed in checked luggage.

Unpack your luggage right away as soon as you arrive at your hotel. This will prevent further wrinkles.

In going home, repacking your clothes the way you packed them in ensures that you will still have the same space as before. Balled and dirty clothing cannot fit.

All in all, remember that packing is one very important aspect of travel and it pays to listen to the experiences of others.

Let Things Happen When You Travel

One of the best ways to experience an adventure is to travel: pick a place, pack up your bags and go. But, once on the road, you have to be ready. Any number of things could happen and how you deal with them could spell the difference between a lovely trip and a dreadful one.

Stepping onto a plane bound for a spot in the world where you’ve never been before means there are expectations. Your expectations of what you imagine the place to be and the reality of what you will find once you get there.

This is true, whether it’s that beach paradise you’ve long always been dreaming about since you’ve learned to imagine palm trees and mai tais, that cosmopolitan city where you imagine the air is always hot, the fruits are peddled in boats in the world-famous floating market, and the best shopping malls are blocks apart or that country where they all say the churches are old, the bull fights are wild, and having chorizo de bilbao along with your morning pancakes—or rice—and coffee is as natural as breathing.

Expectations like these are good. Imagining a place where you’ve never been before, thinking about the things you’ll do when you get there, where you’ll shop, what dish you’ll want to order first from the menu when you arrive in that strange, exciting, beautiful place—all these are good, it means you’re excited to be there. That’s the first step in having fun.

See, things could happen this way: you’re all pumped up to go. You’ve packed up a few weeks’ worth of clothes into your battered duffel bags. “You’re ready”, you tell yourself over and over like a mantra.

You’re ready to have an adventure. So, you’ve printed out the maps, color-coded the itinerary data and even brought along not just one or two but all five of the guidebooks you own.

You’re ready to go and have an adventure. You’ve set your mind on having one so that’s how it’s going to go.

But see, that’s a major roadblock. It’s a mistake to think you can ever be ready for an adventure. Color coding all the historical data and information of all the places you would like to tour when you finally get around to visiting the little chapels in Florence or graphing the direction of your trip is all well and good mental exercise but to what purpose will this serve? No amount of preparation is going to get you ready for the real thing.

Itineraries are changed, schedules adjusted without warning, and nosy, irritating fellow travelers make the trip just a tiny bit unbearable, if not exactly interesting when you tell stories about it back home.

Organization is great but there’s an end to what it can offer you. There’s something to be said for flexibility, spontaneity, for lettings things happen, for going with the flow. You may not always end up where you planned to but how much it’ll affect your mood or pizzazz or mojo will be entirely up to you. You can sulk, rant, rave or punch a hole in the wall and ruin your entire travel experience. Or you could take things in stride, dismiss the irritating aspects of travel, of life, as they happen, and enjoy the good times.

How to Pack Wisely: Tips for Frequent Travelers

Aside from booking airfare tickets, packing up is one of the most challenging tasks that savvy travelers have to endure. Well, this applies to almost everyone, except for those who squeeze a year’s worth of stuff in their bags for a weeklong holiday vacation. On the other hand, some travelers pack too lightly, so much so that they forget to bring the most essential things like medicines and even passport! Listed here are some suggestions on how to pack wisely.

  • Pack only the clothes that you will really use. Stuffing all your wardrobe in your bag is never a wise way to pack even if you are traveling for more than a month. For longer travels, you can just bring just a reasonable number of items to wear and wash them right after using.
  • Roll your clothes. Instead of folding your outfits individually, you can maximize the space of your travel bag by rolling them. This packing technique works best with skirts, pants, and shirts. Another recommended method is folding clothes together to prevent wrinkles or creases in the folds.
  • Keep a digital copy of your important documents. Misfortunes such as lost passport and stolen credit cards can happen even to the most careful travelers. You will never know when they will strike, so it always pays to be prepared. Scan your passport, tickets, and other travel documents and send the digital copies to your email. You must also keep a copy of the emergency hotlines of your credit card or ATM card, which will come in handy in case it gets lost or stolen.
  • If you’re using a backpack, put all the stuff you use most often on top. That way, you won’t have to rummage through all the contents of your bag just to get a single item. You can make your bag feel lighter by putting the heavier items on top and the lighter ones at the bottom, as this makes the pack rest on your lower back.
  • Use airtight plastic bags. Doings so helps eliminate the mess that comes from the toiletries and dirty clothes. Plastic bags are handy because they can keep the contents of your bag organized and neat. Sort the items according to type (e.g. toiletries, underwear, shorts, etc.) and put them into different plastic bags. This makes accessing a particular item a lot easier.
  • Put all your valuables in a carry-on bag. It helps to bring a bag that you can take with you all the time so that you can easily access important items like medicines, cash, and mobile phone. Your carry-on bag should be small enough to keep under the seat and large enough to accommodate larger items like laptop and gadgets.
  • Bring only a few toiletries. Don’t stack up on toiletries in your baggage as if tomorrow’s the end of the world. Also, store items such as shampoo and toothpaste in small containers. You will be surprised at the amount of space you are going to save.

All these travel tips on how to pack wisely boil down to one important point: do not overpack your baggage for the sake your safety and convenience.

Essentials in Travel

Your passport is only one of the few essential things you must remember to bring along with you when you travel. Yes, there’s sunscreen, guidebooks, your camera, and mobile phone. Also there are other important travel documents that you must have handy if you plan on crossing several borders on your trip. You don’t want to be the only one of your friends to have to trudge back home from the airport, not having been admitted entry to another country because you were missing some identification.

There’s also the first aid. Fun’s no fun if you have the sniffles plaguing you all throughout. There’s nothing like a fever that’s coming down on you like a ton of bricks to take the cool factor off of the trip. It pays to be healthy when you’re tromping along the fields and gawking around the sights of another country.

But these are the basics. While we don’t forget our MP3s, our guidebooks, our extra shirts or lucky hat, we forget the most basic of all: respect.

Sometimes we judge without thinking, comparing things with how they are back home. They’re supposed to be different. Learn to deal with the difference. Respect it. Observe the locals’ traditions, their ways. Watch without passing judgment. Don’t blunder about, thinking what you do at home is acceptable. See if it is. If it’s not, adjust.

Also, don’t forget to bring along a sense of humor. There are plenty of surprises that chance could spring on you when you’re on the road. Having the wit to laugh off even the most awful slip-ups or mishaps could keep your trip from turning into a disastrous jaunt, keeping it on a fun and thrilling keel.

So you have respect. And humor. If it’s not too much of a stretch for you, you could also try for a little kindness.

Most of the tourist-friendly places in the world aren’t first-world countries. They’re mostly the poor nations, where good-paying jobs are hard to come by and the majority of people survive on their wit and skills rather than their wealth or trust funds. Residents of these countries often work in the tourism industry to earn a few extra money everyday to help out in their families. They offer to drive you around, serve as your guide, provide you with transportation and basically try to make your stay a lovely and pleasant one.

When it’s time to go, don’t stiff them. Don’t pay them through the nose. They’ve worked hard to earn a living. While not all guides are hard-working or likable or charming, there are really the remarkable ones, the ones who stand out, who were kind to you, who did try to make your stay as fun as possible. Hand over an extra dollar or two if you think their service has been worth it. So long as they’ve earned it.

We’re not saying give them money because they don’t have a lot of it. We’re saying learn to appreciate the efforts that other people have put into making your stay a great one, in whatever country you are. People who made you respect them with their hard work and kindness.

It’s important to pay them back in kind, in travel and life.