Monday, April 22, 2019

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Using Mobile Apps To Improve Your Business

Many have seen the potential of mobile apps, the industry has exploded at a very quickly.   There are numerous entrepreneurs set out to learn how to develop apps themselves rather than simply hiring companies to do the work.

10 Ways Apps Help To Grow Your Business Quickly:

1.  Collecting email addresses

2.  Booking a hotel room.

3.  Create free apps that include advertising of either your own product or affiliate products.

4.  Apps that directly communicate with your business so your customers can buy your product or service within seconds.

5.  If you’re a marketer, you can create a simple content app where the user gets to consume relevant content 

6.  Your customers can click the icon on their mobile phone and immediately initiate a call to your business

7,  They can also be used to include, games, weight loss tracking systems, puzzles, quotes,

8.  Plan events, except tickets for your event and much more.

9,   Adsense in apps. Adsense is not just limited to websites. They can also be displayed on mobile apps. If you’re not familiar with Adsense, it’s an ad network by Google where you’re able to generate income simply by getting others to click on the Adsense ads.

10.  Sending push notification offers. Just like email marketing, you can reach your app users through push notifications. There are many advantages of using push notification versus emails including getting your messages sent in real time and having it read instantly.

Your apps don’t have to be fancy, they don’t have to be complicated. But, they should help make your customer’s life easier while more efficiently engaging your customers with your business.


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