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Discover The Amazing Secret To Selling On The Internet In Any Business




Using An Internet Marketing Formula to Build Your Business

The internet in marketing formula involves so many aspects that will drive a business.  There are so many different platform and venues you can use to promote your business digitally. 

Send email newsletters that launch a product or new benefit to a mailing list.

 Four ways to use the internet for your business are:

 1)  Video has invited a wealth of possibilities by inviting viral marketing with video clips showing business promotions.

 2)  YouTube has become a platform for business launches as a result.

 3)  Social Media is very popular way to get subscribers, advertise your business, build listings, connect and converse with others to build relationships.

 4)  There is SoundCloud, Podcast, distributing audio files that talk about a business venture.

 People are moving away from TV, radio and the yellow pages in vast numbers to gather up to date information on the web.

 It is important to use the formula correctly if you want to build your business.  


 Part #2: How To Be An Inspiration:


Part #1: The Basics Of Internet Traffic (even if you’re not a techie):



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Make Money From Home





  • Elance: Hired service for just about anything you can think of.
  • Odesk: Another outsource website for freelancers, IT companies, programmers and web designers from abroad.
  • 99Designs: This is a unique website that you can use if you need a logo design. It’s in a contest format. You submit the description of what you want, and designers will compete against each other to win money.
  • SpeechPad:  transcripts done podcasts and videos.
  • Virtual Staff Finder: Virtual Staff Finder is the best and quickest headhunter service on the web if you’re looking for high quality VAs for anything you want done by someone else for your online business. 



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  • Google Adsense: Make money by placing relevant ads on your website that are generated from advertisers using Google Adwords. This is free to use, but you have to register for an account.
  • Google Adwords: If you want to begin advertising on Google, you can select keywords and locations and you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement.


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 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber 
 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber