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Green Tea Helps In Weight Loss Truth or Hype?



It is said that green tea originated in China.  

There are variations of green tea grown and produced all over the world today, including China, Japan,Bangladesh, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan,  Hawaii and even South Carolina.  

Green tea is presently popular in  many cultures.  

Black tea and green tea comes from the same plant -Camellia sinensis

When green tea is harvested it is quickly heated by pan firing or steaming—dried to prevent too much oxidation from occurring that would turn the green leaves brown and change the flavor.  

Black tea is harvest are harvested and allowed to oxidize before being heated,, processed and dried.   

Green Tea Helps In Weight Loss Truth or Hype?

Finding a product that is safe to help in weight loss is the quest of many dieters.

Going to the gym is not enough for some, surgery is not option for many and moving away from the table seem to foreign to others.

We live in a microwave society and expect everything to happen quickly.

Weight watchers looking for ways to burn fat faster and speed up the process would be ecstatic.

Green Tea Miracle or False Hope?

Many people are saying green tea is aiding them to lose weight.

Green tea has powerful antioxidants which aid in  protecting cells and molecules from damage and other diseases.

It acts as a stimulant due to the caffeine properties which is said helps improve memory (wards off Alzheimer’s.), moods, helps keep you alert, aids in relieving muscle pain and more.

In some studies, green tea has been shown to help regulate insulin and lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

Green tea helps burn fat faster, and can even turn off the receptors that make us want to eat.

However, green tea and other foods with anti-oxidants keep free radicals at bay, preventing aging and disease.

For example, diets rich in green tea and other anti-oxidants have been linked to a reduction in the risk of heart disease and cancer.

So, green tea is a weight loss supplement that you can feel good about, because it can improve your overall health while it helps you shed the pounds.

Many of us take our caffeine intake for granted, but caffeine has been shown to aid in weight loss.

Many studies have shown that people on a low calorie diet who consume caffeine daily lose more weight overall than those who are on a low calorie diet alone.

Diets rich in tea are thought to prevent many diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

Theanine is the main amino acid in green tea.

Theanine may be important to weight loss because of its ability to induce relaxation and the release of dopamine.

Dopamine is a chemical produced by the brain that helps in providing a feeling of well being in the body.

In short, green tea seems to be the near perfect combination for helping lose weight and improve health at the same time.

Green tea is good for health and losing weight.

Include physical exercise to help aid in your weight loss regime along with drinking green tea. 

Disclaimer:   Before  changing diets and exercise consult with your professional medical adviser.


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