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Health Benefits Of Bananas




Bananas are said to be originated from Southeast Asia. There is a banana festival in the twin states of Kentucky and Tennessee every year.. Illinois was the first to develop refrigerator train coaches to hold bananas in 1880. Soon bananas was  carried to other states and grown where conducive.

Benefits Of Bananas

Good source of dietary fiber – improves digestion and works as a laxative to clean body. Vitamin E,  C, B6 (antibody products) and potassium Promote healthy immune system Often recommended for children suffering with gastrointestinal problems

Uses Of Bananas 

Banana Nut Cake Chocolate Banana Cake Chocolate Banana Pop Rum Banana Smoothie Banana Pancake  Banana Cupcake Banana Cream Pie Banana Margarita Mix Banana Berry Smoothie Banana split ice cream cake Banana Ice Cream Sugar Cone With Nuts Banana Milk Shake With Almonds (there are many other uses and recipes for bananas) The morning banana diet created by Hitoshi Watanabe became so popular in 2008; it resulted in a nationwide banana shortage.  The Watanabe believed that eating only bananas and drinking water for breakfast would result in weight loss no matter what you ate the rest of the day.  Bananas improve the digestion system and water helps to flush the toxins out of your body.  The diet does not require you to exercise; but it does require you to go to bed before 12 midnight so the body can get proper sleep.  It is less likely you will get the urge to eat sweets if you retire early to bed.

* I am not a nutritionist please consult your health practitioner before any food or dietary changes.    


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