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How To Be A Top Producer For Any Business




This is a a five part series about how to be a top producer in your business. 

The Top Producer Formula was designed to make a TOP producer out of YOU! 

We are going to start this series off with Marketing.

Marketing is the process of locating and attracting new leads.  

Sales  is the process of turning those leads we develop into customers.

Both require time and training and learning.

Marketing is far more important than sales.

Sales you understand you have to market.   You understand in sales you have to advertise.

People are going to buy from you if you market.

People will buy from you if you do not know how to market.

When I got into network marketing, I found out the power of marketing.

If you market to enough people you will sale more than the person who does not know how to market or does not market.  

If you are going to spend time and your time is precious spend it in marketing and not in travel or whatever product you sale.  

Spend your time to market to get that phone to ring people will be ready to buy our product.

You call those ready buyers Hot buyers.  Easy to  talk to.  Marketing goes out and find those people for you. 

Sales process is important to learn the mechanics to turn other types of leads into buyers.

8 Step Sales Process

1.  Professional Greeting

2.  Sell yourself (you are unique)

3.  Sell your company

4.  Qualify

5.  Select

6.  Presentation

7.  Commit

If you market you can sale more to more people.  

Ninety percent of your time should be spent marketing because that is what is going to help you fill up that sales funnel.

People who are harder to sale to.  People who do not have time to listen.

Warm Market vs Cold Market

Warm people are people you already know or referrals from people you are introduced to you by friends and family.

Cold Market are people you do know or never met.


Warm Market

Warm market tends to make us relax.    

Friends family and co-workers are some times the hardest people to sell to because we are so relax and don’t put forth the effort it takes to sell to them.

More important to be professional with friends and family.

Let people you know you want to talk to them on a professional level.  Warm market will always judge you harsher.


Cold Market

Cold market people only know you by how you approach them.  So make sure you are professional.

It might be referrals from Warm Market but they are people you do not know.

Most of your sales will probably come from cold marketing.  

Attracting that cold market they don’t know your past. 

No preconceived ideas of who you were.

They can only judge you on what you put forward

Get over the fear of marketing to people you do not know.

Branding making sure you are professional.

 Make sure everything you send out looks professional.

 People are comparing you to others that are out there so make sure your website is professional.

 All the links work.  

Any advertisements you put out there are professional and does not give the appearance you do not know what you are talking about.

We will talk more about branding in another blog. 


What is the purpose of marketing?

The purpose of marketing is to fill your pipeline.

Your funnel more people you put in the funnel the gravity of the number of entities will push the sales out at the bottom of the funnel.

If you are a good salesperson you might sell 3 out of 10

As you get better at sales you might sell 4 out of 10.

If you become really good at sales 5 out of 10

Rocket sales person you might sale 6 out of 10.

Just by marketing alone you can force 2 to 3 out of 10 with no sales experience at all

Just by doing powerful marketing.  

The more people you put into the funnel the more sales you make.

Put so many people in the funnel you don’t have time to sale.

 Put so many people into the funnel you have to hire other people to sale for you (that is the power of marketing).

Marketing is also the process of follow up and working those leads with the people we put into the funnel.

You have to decide how much you want to sale and how many people you need to market to before you make a sale. 

Once you determine how much you want to sale and how many you need to market to you can determine how many people you need to put into the funnel.

If you need 2 sales and that requires you marketing to 10 people than 10 people need to go into the funnel.

if you need 4 sales it requires you marketing to 20 people so you need 20 people to go into the funnel.

Why not put so many people into the funnel until you have so many sales coming out of the funnel you have to hire sales people.

Never stop marketing even when the sales come in.

Marketing is the process of developing leads and working with those leads over time.

We will continue talking about marketing in Part II of Marketing. 

1.  We will talk more about Follow- Up with leads and how important it is to your sales.

2.  How to handle marketing to rude people.

3.  How to creating different points of contact for your marketing.




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