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How To Prepare For A Live Webcast Using a Pre-Launch Checklist




To get the attention of your market to attend your live event or webcast there is a pre-webinar checklist that would assure a large attendance if you follow the instructions below.

Selling & Sponsoring

Your life would change if you could sell or enroll 2 people every day.  

Understanding the formula helps you save time from doing those things that do not help you bring partners into your business and instead focus on selling and enrolling partners for your business.

Knowing what to say to overcome objections and handle those questions that everyone asks when you explain your business opportunities. 

You will be walked through the above during a LIVE on camera August 23rd so please join me.

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Beliefs & Attitude

To be a top producer you must have control of your beliefs & attitude.  

If you do not believe in what you are doing how do you expect others to believe in you and buy or partner with you in your business.

A System To Build Rapport Fast

During the LIVE webcast you will learn how to create lead pages to grow your list.

Once you learned how to master growing your list next you need to learn how to sell your product.  

How do you make an offer and close the deal?

Before someone take action on an offer you make, you need them to respond to the way you present it, to your energy.




While others are concentrating on sell, sell, sell you will learn the important element of selling is understanding your prospects problems. 



3 Steps To Building Rapport

 Step 1: Uncover your prospect’s problems.

Step 2: Guide your prospect to the solution.

Step 3: Create value with everything you do.

You will get better results when you connect with people and find out what they want relate to it.

 Connect With Core Desires

 You need to understand the person you are talking with wants to succeed and what their true motivations are.

If you have no idea what people want you have no leverage with people.

Commit and Pursue relentlessly

When you focus on a certain outcome you are going to apply all your energy towards that outcome. 

Everything you do matters.

It is time you step up and take your business to the next level.


Task Due Date Date Complete Owner
Pre-Webinar Checklist
Create event – Topic
Choose A Speaker
Choose A Date
Choose A Webinar System
A Landing page to capture leads
Email Campaign to Follow Up
Blog Post
Syndicate Content
Enable Social Sharing
Promotional Emails
Calling Campaign
Create Webinar Slides
Webinar Polls
Prepare Moderator Notes
Print out hard copy of slides
1 hour to 1 week after event
Post Event Analysis
Review event polls
Compare attendance to register
Follow – Ups
Email follow-ups to non attendees
Post recordings of event



Webinar Checklist






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 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber 
 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber