Sunday, July 21, 2019

How To Write A Travel To Go Checklist



Give yourself plenty of time to plan for your trip. As you think of things you want to take on your trip write it down as a draft.


About a month out before your trip go over your draft and start eliminating things you can do without.


Writing a checklist will help to keep stress levels down in preparing for your trip and on the actual day you are leaving. 


Important items to include on your travel checklist:


1.  Identification for yourself and family members.  Depending on where you are traveling you might need a passport for each member of the family.  If you have a passport make sure it has Not expired.


2.  Put cash aside for your trip.  Create a vacation savings account specifically for your trip.


3.  Have an itinerary of your trip printed out.  Have an extra copy made in case you lose your copy while traveling or electronic device is lost or unable to access wireless reception.


   4.   If using a travel agent be sure to ask for any discount available for any excursions or trips.  Also; some travel agents will give you an emergency to number to call them if you have any problems while traveling and need to contact someone back home.


  5.  Do research about the place and their customs you are planning to visit.


  6.  Research the weather of place you are visiting for the time period you have in mind.  Carry the proper clothing for the climate you are going to visit.  Do not over pack with unnecessary items.


7.  Portable battery charger  for devices you will be carrying.


8.  Invest in travelers checks instead of carrying cash.  

Travelers checks can be replaced if lost or misplaced.


9.   Decide what you will do with pets at home.  Animal care businesses are springing up all over.

 Take time to visit pet care sites before you leave your pets.  

Include the price of care of your pets in your travel budget.  



Enjoy and have a safe trip! book-now-button3  


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