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New Blog Talk Creating Duplication Base camp Day 3 Secrets To Success


Without duplication network marketing is not a good model
With duplication network marketing is a great model


Laws of Viral Duplication


New People:

1. Easy – must be an easy way of recruiting,
2. Everybody has to be able to do it
3. It cannot be a specialize skill – to teach them the skills, have a system in place new people can replicate. You can’t force a specialize


skill. Third party exposure is important to your business for new people. give them a recorded presentatiion, do tele-seminar and let


them invite people to listen to, do live events where they can invite people to the live events to learn about the business from the leaders


of the business.
There are advance methods of recruiting. New people will not be able to comprehend the advance way of doing things if they have never


been introduce to the business. After people have been in the business and learn the fundamentals then they can learn and do the more


advance recruiting methods. They can evolve into a guru. You have to have the tools people can learn and evolve in time.
1. Sponsor – sponsoring is the life line of your business
2. Get them started right – start them doing something everyone can do. they can evolve into guru stuff.
3. Sponsor more reps
This business is better Getting a thousand people sponsoring two people a month than you sponsoring a thousand.
The Secret of the Guru
Have a system in place that start them right weather they join on your front line of 15 level down or a thousand level down …this way


everyone coming into the business is able to start off the same way.
People get frustrated if they do not understand what they are doing. People will not be on the same level as you the experienced one so


you want them to start off simple. Have something in place where they can start they can do and let them evolve. Third party exposure


is the answer.
How to start?
Sponsor new people. Send them to a third party fast start that works that have access to high level exposure. Help them make a game


plan that will help them sponsor their first two people.


1. sponsor new people -only 15% will stay actively engage in building the business
2. send them to a third party system
3. help them sponsor their first person
4. promote them to the next event
5. Leadership is duplicated by getting people started right then getting them to an event. A third party sponsor event that gets them


fired up and ready to produce results


6. sponsor a new distributor and
7. start cycle again
Daily Method of Operation is important to this business before you get into the monthly functions for new people.
1. prospecting 3 people a day – I will teach you to do without walking around malls or buying leads. I tell my people they need to talk to


three people a day about their business. Simple daily consistent things
2. Attend a weekly live meeting Attend a meeting every week it can be online, telephone or live event. This is something easy enough for


everyone can do. Plug your prospects into one of these live conference calls, online or home meetings each week.
3. Stick to the fast start system –
4. attend 1 training a week –
5. Attend the next major event – events are what duplicate leadership, they see the big social proof, they start taking their belief of the


company to the next level
6. learning the skills- learning the business it is a process
This business is a constant turnover and your new people will drop out if they feel it is too hard to keep up or sponsor people-daily


action helps to keep things simple and easy to keep up with if they should miss a day.
Let Others Market For You ….For Free
Peope Keep Talking – Listen to what they are talking about
They are talking about things that are interesting and fun.
No One Wants To Hear About Your Business
No One
Don’t believe that?
Are you interested in sitting through business
Of Course not
What do people like?
Entertaining videos get the mos views.
It is not only important for your content to be sustainable; it must have viral sustainability. In order for your content to have viral


sustainability it must be interesting, fun, easy to share and it must be of value to people for them to want to share.
Write content becoming of you. Be personal. Give credit to others when you use their content.
How it Works?
1. Blog Daily –
2. Share Daily
3. Email Daily (Don’t spam)
Build A Tribe
A tribe is a group of people sharing the same interest and likes. They give support to the individuals in the group and to the entire


group. The group grows by introducing people outside the group to their ideas and concepts.


Daily Activities
Blog daily and continue with your blogging challenge.
Use videos, articles , pictures within your blog to share.
Create a Tribe by telling others to share your content if they like your posts.
Read, Read, Read Spend 1 hr a day listening to audio. Learn new things and blog about it.


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