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8 Core Commitments of The Serious Marketer

This is the secret “8 Step Formula” that travel marketers used Into Different Opportunities

*Personally Sponsor More than 10,000 Paid Consultants
*Grow businesses in excess of 15,000 paid customers in 90 days
*Pay consultants more than $1 milllion

…and much, much more.

 building a profitable business

Build your business and create whatever lifestyle you desire.

These 5 Core Commitments were created to have baance between business and life so that you can

maintain focus on the lifestyle that you want to live.

This entire pan for your business is disigned to fit into 2 hours a day.

* 1 Hour Of Education
* 2 Hours Of Marketing

If you are serious about building a profitabe and sustainable business commit to working and building a

business for a minimum of 1 year. Apply these 5 Core Commitments to your business for the next 90 days at a


This 2 hour a day commitment is for those who are building a business part-time.

If you are full time in building your business scale it out and mutipy that by 3 and work your business 6 – 8

hours per day. 4 hours of marketing and 2 hours of education.



These concepts can be applied to any business that you are buiding.
1. Get Your Own Merchant Account

You want to be able to collect payment directly and be responsible for the amount that you receive. With

your own mercchant account you can use it for any other products that you create and sell in the future. If

you have a host company they will most likely have their own payable account.

2. Blog Daily

Create a new blog post every single day for a minimum of 90 days about your business.

3. Market Daiy

Invest 20% revenue back into your business before you spend it on other stuff. Invest in paid traffic to your

sites. Paid traffic is more than just setting up a Facebook PPC campaign, paid traffic has many more

options available that I cover in 1K Formula training within the New Blog Talk Network.

4. New Member Coaching

Keeping the customers you have are less expensive then gaining new customers. Those who trust you

and have already purchase from you are going to be your biggest sales. You become their resource for

what to do next, by pointing them to the resources that will help them. They willl purchase those resources

and retain a customer. Weather you are an affiiate of New Blog Talk Network or building another business,

welcome your new members, customers and affiliates.

5. Empower Hour

Every Monday 8 PM Est you can plug in and listen to the Empower Hour. These calls consist of only those

who are top producers within their business so that you are only learning from those who have had

success before you are actually producing to keep you on target in what you shoud be doing and learning

in your business.

6. Listen To Audio Daily

Listen to audios from people that are aready successfu so that you can learn what they are doin, how they

think and to listen to their speech patterns. By listening to them daily you will begin to transform your

thoughts, actions and speech into that of a successful business owner.

7. Read Daily

Spend at least 15 minutes per day reading. You can read whatever you choose, but for the purpose of

learning how to market you will want to read forums, blog posts and articles and email sales copy. The

more you read these the better you will become at writing your own.

8. Attend Network Events

At live events you can expose yoursef and your business. Feel positive energy from others excited about

their business. Network with other successful people and learn from them first hand. Collaborate and form

joint ventures.






Daily Activities

1. Blog Daily. Become a part of a blogging network SiteSell or Empower Network

and get access to the optimized blogging platform that already set up for you technically.

2. Socially Syndicate your blog post. Read the upcoming emails and watch the future bootcamp videos to

learn how to do this.
3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your blog post. Your Core Checklist will teach the basics of this

as well as the upcoming Bootcamp emails. For more advanced SEO skills reference the Top Producer

Formula in New Blog Talk.
4. Reinvest your revenue into Solo Ads. Learn more about Solo Ads New Blog Talk.
5. Reinvest your revenue into PPC. Reference New Blog Talk post.
6. Direct Media. Reference New Blog Talk posts and read the upcoming emails and watch the future

boot-camp videos to learn how to do this.
7. Education. Commit to these 8 Core Commitments and follow them daily to increase your education for a

minimum of 1 hour per day for the next 90 days.







Fill out commitment below and post it where you can see it

“I, _________________, am committing today ____________ (date), that for the next 90 days,
I am going to apply the 8 Core Commitments to my business.
I am going to spend one hour per day posting a unique, high quality article to my personal blog on the

I am going to spend one hour per day on education for building my business.
My 90 day challenge ends on ______________(90 days from today).


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 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber 
 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber