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Pro Travel Agency – From Rags To Riches




Pro Travel Agency Rags To Riches 

So you want to make it in the travel business and don’t quite know where to start. 

Finding an agency to train you to become an independent travel agent is a great start. 

The Host Travel Agency program from Pro Travel Network gives you everything you need to start and grow your very own home-based travel business. 

Our home travel agent program includes your website ongoing training, marketing and accounting tools, and so much more…allowing you to successfully operate your own travel business. 

Start Your Business  Earn Money  See the world  Travel for less.

 Over the past 10 years, Pro Travel Network has help thousands experience the fun, excitement and lifestyle that comes from owning their own travel business. 

Are you ready to change your lifestyle? 

Are you ready to Travel for Life as a Pro? 

Benefits Of Being An Independent Travel Agent

1.  Unlimited income potential

2.  Set your own schedule

3.  Work from home

4.  Choose to specialize in a niche or not

5.  Travel like a pro for less

6.  Unlimited bonuses

Are you ready to invest in your future?

Do you have $400 to start your journey as a Pro Travel Network Travel Agent?

You have the option of growing your business or stay small.

If you decide to market your travel business it can be very rewarding.

Marketing Representative

Pro Travel Network has partner with Surge365 to market the travel business.

Go to www.Surge365Yes.Com  

Travel is an 8 Trillion dollar a year business.  Travelers spend thousands of dollars per day in travel and tourism industries.  In 2015; Will you like to take a percentage of that revenue home to your family? (If, your answer is Yes) Then “surge365″ is for you.  Surge365 has the greatest reward and benefits program when it comes to travel. 


Become a Program Promoter and you will get to enjoy all the perks and have the opportunity to generate thousands of dollars.  Travel the beaches of the world, enjoy discounts, rewards and other valuable discounts. 


The Surge365 program has prelaunched on 03/02/15 and you can secure your FREE spot.  Now!!! to say Yes to Surge365 great benefit and rewards. 


Training and support will be offered to help make you successful.  Say Yes to a better way of living. Say Yes to More in 2015


Surge365 state of the art mobile center back office will allow you to operate your business from your phone.  If all you did was show people what you have access to, you could become financially independent in this arena alone.


Some of our Surge365 products and services include:

  1. Deeply discounted travel deals (up to 70% or more) to luxury resorts and exotic destinations worldwide.
  2. Members will have access to 10 $250 travel discount cards to give away to their friends and family.
  3. On-Line college education. Take as many online courses on an accredited online college for $50 a month.  Imagine earning that masters, bachelors or even doctorate degree on your own schedule.
  4. Savings on credit repair programs.
  5. 24/7 web based, online doctor’s access.
  6. Savings on health care, wellness and prescription programs.
  7. Up to 60% savings on vision and dental services.
  8. Free access to online shopping mall with over 1,000 of the best known stores.
  9. Access to pre-paid legal counsel with unlimited initial phone consultations for each new legal matter, letters and phone calls on the members behalf, assistance with government problems (such as welfare), free living will & more.
  10. And much. more….



Say Yes to More in 2015


Would You Like To Take Home a Percentage of The Trillion Dollar Travel and Tourism Industry Revenue?



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Testimony of Agents Of Pro Travel Network

logo “I have worked many years in corporate America for many years, but I was never happy with my job. It seemed that there was something missing. So I decided it was time to retire, but not retire.Since becoming a Independent Agent with Pro Travel Network I have been able to travel to different destinations to get the training that is very important to grow my business. It is so important to know your destination to sell it to your clients and Pro Travel makes that happen. As I grew my business, I realized my passion was helping Brides have the wedding of their dreams. Pro Travel Network gave me the training and the support to accomplish my passion. My business is great and I truly believe that Pro Travel Network has played a big role in making me a successful travel agent. I am thankful every day for the opportunity I have to be a part of a great travel network.”

New Caney, TX
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logo “After retiring from almost 40 years of accounting/financial related work, I felt it was time to pursue my long-time desire of being a travel agent. I love to travel and I thought being a travel agent would give me the chance to travel more affordably. The realization of my dream started when I joined PTN in August/07. With the training provided by PTN through webinars, conference calls, online presentations and regular training events, I acquired the knowledge and experience needed to get accredited as an IATAN-licensed travel agent.
The support from PTN’s staff, especially Jessica Henderson, has been a tremendous help in meeting the needs of my customers. In my almost 4 years of being a home-based travel agent for PTN, I have realized my dream of travelling the world with family and friends via cruises, land tours, flights, rental cars and train trips. Sharing the beauty of the world with people, whether they be old friends or new acquaintances…. for me, that is what I consider the best perk I that I have received from being a home-based travel agent working with PTN.”

Mississauga, ON – Canada
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logo “I’ve been a travel agent with PTN for over 6 years and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve been able to travel the world on a dime and guilt free. I’ve been able to travel to over 30 countries including Europe, South America, China, Middle East, Caribbean, French Polynesian Islands to name a few. I love being a travel professional and working with my clients to create their perfect vacation. I get just as excited for my clients as I do for my own personal travel. I specialize in cruises, groups, international destinations, honeymoons, and adventure travel. It’s time to Travel and I would love to assist you with your travel plans.”

Sparks, NV
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logo “Pro Travel Network has been nothing but a blessing to me. It has changed by life tremendously. My lifetime dream has been to travel around the world once I retired from my full time job. But I wanted to be able to afford it.  It’s only been a short three years since I have become a PTN Travel Agent, and I have traveled more places than ever before; Hawaii, Cruised the Caribbean and now, on my way to Australia. Most of all, I have been able to afford it. “By the way, my husband is retired also.” My husband and I have been on FAM Trips, and other trips at little or no cost. I can travel and still have money in my pocket. I can travel and still live the same lifestyle as when I was working.”

Chicago, IL
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logo “I have Pro Travel to thank for my success. I am CLIA AND IATAN CERTIFIED and  I have been all over the world, from the Caribbean to Alaska and Canada because of my success with Pro Travel. I recently went to Alaska on a Royal Caribbean FAM trip. The cost was only $586.00 for me and my wife, for a suite which was a totally awesome room. The retail price was nearly $10,000.  In November I sailed the western Caribbean on Princess for FREE, as part of my travel agent certification to sell Princess cruises.It was kind of scary opening my own business and quitting my job of 21 years selling cars, but I have great support from everyone at Pro Travel, even the other agents. I am able to advertise my business and get co-op money to help pay for it so that I don’t have to pay for it all. To sum it up, when you join Pro Travel you’re not alone, you’re a part of a family who wants to be there to help you succeed.”

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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logo “I have been with Pro Travel Network since May of 2004.  I have become an accomplished Travel Agent. With the tutorials  that PTN offers it’s agents, I have become certified with Disney, Las Vegas, NCL, Sandals Destination Wedding Planner, to name a few. My family has had an amazing time traveling with me as well, at amazing prices.I have hosted large groups to Hawaii and Europe. Traveling to Spain,Italy,France,Monaco,Canada, Mexico,Caribbean and thru out the United States.
I have gained new friendships with clients, made memories with family and friends that are unforgettable!
Could I have done all this without Pro Travel Network, UNLIKELY, before PTN it was ordinary, 1 vacation per year, after PTN it was AMAZING.Thank you PTN for showing me, I can get BUSY as a Travel Agent in such a delightful and rewarding way!”

SHERRY BULT / Sunshine Travel
Lansing, IL
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logo “My favorite past time is travel and Pro Travel Network has put my travel over the top! I travel more now than I ever have in the past and make money while I’m doing what I enjoy the most!”

Washington, MD

Testimony Of Partners Of Pro Travel Network:


  • userimg
    Partnership Marketing Executive

    “Pro Travel Network is dedicated to evolving both front line and back office practices to  provide streamline experiences for all of their customers.  These practices have earned them recognition by Carnival, including but not limited to the Pinnacle Award, a prestigious award only given to select few top accounts, nation-wide.”

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    Regional Vice President
    Western U.S.

    “As long-standing Regional Vice President of the western U.S. with Carnival Cruise Lines, I have been dealing with Pro Travel Network for the past 7 years.  Since that time, Pro Travel Network has proven to be a solid, growth oriented travel partner, whose performance and track record have been well respected by myself and others at Carnival.”

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    Sr. Business Development
    Income Disclaimer:
    I cannot guarantee how much you will make in the travel industry due to the many factors such as work ethics, economy etc..

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