Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sail Away On A Deluxe Vacation To The Caribbean While You Learn The Secrets Of Small-Business Success




Go cruising down the smooth blue waters of the earth and make money.  

Yes, as a travel agent you have the opportunity to take your business on the road, in the air or travel the seas.

Learn about the places first hand you will be telling your clients who ask the question; where should I go on vacation.  

Prepare a checklist for your clients before their cruises.  

 10 Things You Should Do or Have To Prepare For A Cruise

1.  Book flights at least 3 months in advance

2.  Make sure you have updated identification

3.  Ask agent for information on excursions packages

4.  Find out if your cruise ship operate on a “cashless” system

5.  Make sure you pack clothing for vacation early and not wait until last minute 

6.  Prepare for care of pets while you are gone

7.  Fill out pre-boarding pass

8.  Check distance between airport and port and make necessary arrangement; if needed

9.  Take small first aid kit along with any medications you take

10.  Get travel insurance in case of emergencies 


Travel Talk

Imagine an opportunity that allows you to earn an income and build a business.

Have access to amazing travel deals available only in the travel industry.

Through Pro Travel Network the world is at your fingertips and the rewards are limitless!

Pro Travel Network offers the premier home based travel business opportunity, and has helped thousands, with no previous travel or business ownership experience, start their very own home based travel businesses.

If you prefer a brick and mortar (actual physical store location) you can do that too.  




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