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Secrets To How You Create the System that Builds Your Team



How You Create the System that Builds Your Team
You must have a system, a process that you follow in your business.

You need a schedule. 

Organize your business and run it like a well oil machine.

 Everyone should know why they are doing what they doing, how to operate and what is expected if they

 are planning to be successful in their desired company. 

It is called knowing your purpose.   

You need to decide what it is and stick to it.

You need to have a team gathering every week and a recruiting gathering every week. 

The second you have a weekly team gathering, you can fend off every question that comes at 


 If you are producing and helping people with everything, your entire day will be consumed if you’re good. 

And by being smart about hosting a recruiting an event every week, you stay off three-way calls, and
your team stays off three-way calls and you’re modeling for them exactly how to enroll prospects
and build their teams.



How You Energize Your Team and Acknowledge Them


If you notice someone on a conference call somewhere and they’re getting good results, get
them out on your call. Invite them.



How are you using Instagram for your business?



Are you using Instagram in addition to the other social media programs?



Ask me how I use it to get 50 new target niche followers in a day to help grow my business. Click Here

Displaying instacashcodeoriginal.jpg


Create captivating content using Canva. Canva’s easy to use interface simplifies design with eye catching


easy to use graphics. In addition, Canva ensures that all designs are compatible with Instagram’s


dimensions when the social media template is selected. Consider adding a small brand-related hashtag in


the bottom right corner of your designs to encourage dialogue.



Illeane Smith has a YouTube video out for newbies about Instagram that is definitely worth taking a look





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