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Seniors Spend Time Traveling



Seniors are spending a lot of time traveling.  

 Elderly find it less stressful to travel during at times when it is less crowded such as Holidays.

Retirees plan ahead to avoid those last minute arrangements.  

There are ways to make it is much easier trip though if you plan ahead.

When traveling you should sure you have plenty of any medication you take daily.

Put it in a safe place where it isn’t likely to get lost.  

Put some pills in your purse and extras in your suitcase in case any get lost.

Have a note from the doctor to identify what the medications are.


You will have to show them to security and you can keep the lines moving if you have the right documentation with you.

Holiday travel is very busy but don’t think for a second that security is going to let their guard down and just let you pass through with it.

Don’t attempt to carry heavy bags around the airport.

This can result in you getting hurt.

If you need assistance request it when you buy you ticket(s).


If the airline you are traveling with offers a kiosk outside drive up to it and then go park your car.

It is also a good idea to invest in luggage that has wheels on the bottom.

This way you can pull them along instead of having to carry them any distance.

There are many seniors traveling with senior groups.  If you are planning your trip with a travel agent make sure you let them know all of your needs for traveling.

It may be a good idea for you to take an early morning flight when the traffic is lighter.

Carry your medical history with you when you travel.

Your trip will be less stressful if you follow the notes above.  

Airlines are very accommodating to seniors and will have what you need available at your arrival if you request it in advance. 

This is even more important if you have ongoing health issues.

If you get sick on your trip having a doctors note will help alert the medical team where you are staying.  

Make sure the medical history includes information regarding any medications you may be allergic to.

Take your time to make sure you cover all your basis.

If you must carry Oxygen:

1.  Talk with the company that delivers your oxygen.

2.  Arrange to get the additional tanks you need when you land at the airport.

3.  Have the oxygen tanks delivered to the hotel or the residence where you are staying.

4.  Do Not Carry oxygen tanks in car; if traveling.

5.  Get in touch with a company where you are going to supply you with oxygen.

Just because a person is older doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy traveling for the holidays.

This will help to ensure you remain safe while you are traveling for the holidays.

The less hassle you have getting to your final destination the more you will enjoy your trip. 


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