Thursday, July 16, 2020


Is Your Marketing Strategy Working For Your Business?





Sales funnel is the key to success on the internet. We know the theory that it is a stage-by-stage procedure for attracting the attention of prospects and converting them into clients


Your Sales Funnel should be set-up to capture the prospect’s information


You need to use marketing strategies such as: PPC Adverts (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube), Banners, Blogging and Forum Posts. Draw in your traffic using those tactics and send it all to your individual capture page.


Develop a relationship through giving. Hand out your knowledge, your expertise and guide them. You are able to do that by email and on the phone. Keep your prospect interested and updated with new information. Use Twitter, Facebook and You-tube videos and direct them onto your site. Befriend them!


When you have formed a solid relationship with your leads, you are able to direct them to your main business. Since it was often said before: ‘People join people’.
They join you due to your individual personality: they trust you, they like you, since you bring value to them by providing them with the information they require.


There’s always a possibility that a prospect won’t join most of your business. Reasons can differ: they are, maybe, not ready yet; or maybe they have signed up to another company and wish to stick to it.
Regardless of any of this, you need to communicate with your prospects through emails so they will be able to join you over time. Should they not sign up to your main opportunity, you still could be profiting once they join your affiliate programs.

All of the first 4 steps above would be the front end of the funnel and your main income opportunity would be at the back-end. That’s where the actual profit is!
So, in the event that you don’t have a Sales Funnel in place yet, don’t delay and obtain one NOW!

Do you want to know How To Optimize A Sales Funnel For Success?

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