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Millions Have Travel to Korea: Why Not You?


Great Reasons for Visiting South Korea

South Korea is beautiful, relaxing and tourist friendly.  There is approximately 94 Hotels ranging from relatively inexpensive to extravagant.

Finding something to do on in South Korea a land of about 38, 486 sq miles is no problem.  North Korea stretches 48, 526 miles. It is one of the most traveled countries in the world.  The population in South Korea is 59 Million.  

A little known history: South Korea is under a Democratic government and North Korea is Communistic.  Seldom do the people go in out of each others country; if at all.  

Job Market

South Korea is an Industrialized country and most of the jobs you find in other industrialized countries you will find there too.  

Transportation System

They have airlines, bus, trains and plenty of taxis.   It is said there is almost no need to rent a car because transportation is so readily available and cheap.  

Monetary System

The monetary system is the same as in North Korea called Won.   1 won is currently about 0.000097 to the American dollar.  Conversely, this means that 1000 won is about 97 US cents.   Korean notes come in 50,000 (yellow), 10,000 (green), 5000 (red) and 1000 (blue). The coins are 500, 100, 50, 10, 5 and 1. In practice, the 5 and 1 won coins are very rare- in Korea, it’s considered very good luck to get a 1 won coin. 

Travel Time From US To South Korea

Flight hours from Washington, DC to Seoul, South Korea is about 14 hours.   It is approximately little less than 7000 miles to reach South Korea from US.  

Winters in Seoul can be especially bitter; temperatures can dip well below 19 degrees Fahrenheit in January! The ideal time for travel to South Korea is in the cooler Fall after temperatures have dropped and the rain has stopped.

You can travel to Korea and stay up to 90 days any longer you must apply for a alien registration card with the consulate. 


While you will find quite a few English speakers in Seoul, many signs, booking websites, and services are only available in the Korean language. Seoul maintains a hotline to help travelers with translation and language issues.

Nine Reasons To Travel to South Korea:

1.  Cheju Island -

2.  Climate

3.  Korean Demilitarized Zone


4.  Festivals and Special Events

5.  Historical and cultural tours

6.  Nature tours 

7.  UNESCO World Heritage sites

 8.  Beach Resorts


9.  Water sports

Everything in this resort island is sure to rekindle your love of the beach with its breathtaking waterfalls clear blue water, black sand, and other natural attractions. It is also perfect for honeymoons, water sports, and hiking.

Cheju is the biggest island in Korea and known as the place of mystery or fantasy.

Climate - The climate in Korea is temperate, which is divided into four distinct seasons. The most tourist-friendly seasons in the country are spring (April and May) when the cherry blossoms bloom as well as autumn (from September to November) when the skies are clear and sunny and the weather is warm. Winter months in Korea, which starts in December until February, are perfect for skiing.

Korean DMZ - A Korean tour is never complete without dropping by the Korean Demilitarized Zone, more popularly known as DMZ. It is where you can find some of the endangered creatures in Asia such as wildcats, river otter, and musk deer.

Festivals and Special Events – Korea has a rich culture and long history, and you can be a part of celebrating them by joining various religious festivals and special events such as Buddha’s birthday.


Historical and cultural tours – Foreign visitors can take a tour of the Buddhist monasteries and temples to be able to witness the Buddhist heritage in Korea.

Nature tours – Are you a nature lover? Then grab the opportunity to take a nature tour in Korea. Among the most famous itineraries are the flower villages, birdwatching, mountain trips, and cherry blossom trails in various parts of Korea.

Seoul – This Korean capital, which is essentially a lively commercial district, is the top tourist destination in the country. Among the must-visit landmarks in Seoul are the royal residences, which are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Pusan - For beachgoers, Pusan is nothing but a paradise. It is popular as a beach town resort, with many beautiful beaches to choose from. The Song Jung beach, for example, is a peaceful swimming spot with clear blue waters.

Water sports - If watersports is the name of your game, then you will be delighted with the numerous facilities that island and coasts in Korea offer to its millions of tourists. You have plenty of choices: paragliding, whitewater rafting, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, swimming, boating, windsurfing, and water skiing, among others.

To sum it up, Korea caters to practically every type of tourist—adventure seekers, sports buffs, arts and culture lovers, sightseers, and others. So, if you want to escape the stressful city life for a while, then one of things to consider for your much-deserved holiday vacation is, of course, a travel to Korea.





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The Shocking Truth About Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance

There is a variety of travel insurance that is available for you.  Here is a list of places you can obtain travel insurance:

1.  Personal insurance carrier

2.  Credit Card Company

3.  Travel Agency

Your personal insurance carrier, your credit card company, travel agents and specialists all offer different forms of travel insurance. Sometimes your auto or health insurance or your credits already cover travel insurance related to your vacation.

When should you buy insurance and which should you choose?

The 4 types of travel insurance are:

1.  Medical coverage

2. Medical evacuation

3.  Accidental

4.  Trip Protection

Medical coverage

For medical insurance, make sure you check their rules and conditions for age limits. Some insurance policies charge higher for seniors. The medical coverage includes medical and dental expenses incurred because of injury or illness.

 Medical evacuation

A medical evacuation, which covers your transportation to a hospital in case you are injured in a remote area and need a helicopter, is typically included your medical coverage. You may however choose to purchase on a stand-alone policy.


Meanwhile, an accidental death and dismemberment policy acts like any life insurance policy paying your beneficiary a certain amount in the event of death.


Trip protection

It can be purchased for a single or annual multi-trip basis. This insurance has three main parts: cancellation coverage, delay coverage, and trip interruption protection.

The first one covers insurance—prepaid expenses will be reimbursed—in case you need to cancel your trip due to illness or if a family member is sick or dies. The second one deals with transportation delays. In the event that your flight is delayed due to snow, your prepaid hotel expenses are covered. The last type is used in the event that you get sick while away and you want an interruption policy.

The third type of insurance is the luggage or car rental protection. It covers your rental car in case of an accident and your baggage and personal items are lost, damaged, or stolen. Take note however that most policies of this type do not cover loss or damage in flight and too expensive items.

With this type of travel insurance, make sure you read the rules and conditions. Sometimes your personal auto insurance might cover such. Further, look for policies that offer not only monetary coverage but also travel assistance.

Buying Travel Insurance and Maximizing the Benefits

Once you know all the types of insurance offered and what you need, the next question is how to buy one that you can maximize the benefits.

You should determine all the rules and conditions that are covered in your current insurance policies and credit cards. Check strictly all your policies if they still cover foreign countries in the event that you are traveling abroad.

Make sure that your expenses are covered up front and you get reimbursed later. Be sure that you understand very well the deductible and coverage limits. In addition, beware of travel insurance bundled with your trip.  Most of the time, these are more expensive.   Talk to your travel agent and ask the right questions so they may better serve you.  A travel agent maybe able to negotiate a better deal with the supplier.

You should shop around and check and compare prices and coverage.




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Have A Business You Can Be Proud Of

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The Pros And Cons Of A Travel Agency.  

Travel is an 8 billion dollar a year business.

Travel have steadily increase with the many new technology used by travelers enabling self booking.

Number of travel agencies in recent years however shows the industry’s success is dwindling.

Travel agencies had to become more creative in their offerings and services to stay relevant. 

Types Of Travel Agencies

1.  Luxury Travel Agencies

2.  Corporate Travel Agencies

3.  International Travel Agencies

4.  Traditional Travel Agencies

5.  Vacation Travel Agencies 

Luxury Travel Agencies 

These agencies work with very high end clientele.  They will design the clients packages from start to finish.  They are very helpful and are on call for their clients to assist them with their travel needs.  Destination weddings, spa vacations, cosmetic surgeries, diet vacations and adventure tours are their areas of expertise. They have close relationships with their clients and are well connected within the areas they service.  They are very pricey due to all the services they offer their clients.

Corporate Travel Agencies

The corporate travel agencies provide services for business clients.  They assist with business travel plans within the guidelines of their agency.  Some businesses have in house travel agency.  They will assist the organization with group travel as well as individual travel.  They may also help to organize large conventions, meetings and team building activities.

International Travel Agencies

International Travel Agencies deal primarily with trips abroad.  They will provide clients with all they need to know, expect and have to make their trips safer, pleasant and less hassle.  

 Vacation Travel Agencies

Focus on tourism packages.  They concentrate mainly on seasonal business.   Their clients maybe students during their school vacation breaks, families when children are out of school for the summer, couples vacationing on special occasions such as anniversaries.  This type of agency maybe a little more pricey.  They work closely with hotels and vacation spots.  They often will arrange tour packages and sell all inclusive and non inclusive packages.

Traditional Travel Agencies

Traditional  or domestic travel agencies generally deal with domestic travel and international travel.  


You may wonder what is a travel agency exactly and how do they work?

Walter T Brownell established the oldest travel agency in North America on 1887: the Brownell Travel.

One notable travel is a European tour that set sail from New York on the SS Devonia.

Today, there is a plethora of travel agencies that offers services in every corner of the globe.

Considered a retail business, a travel agency sells travel-related products and services to consumers. It is like a one-stop shop of travel-related concerns.

It assists consumers with regard to air ticket, car rentals, cruise lines, hotel reservations, sightseeing tours, and package holidays.

As we have already stated travel agencies come in varied purposes.

There are agencies that deal only with ordinary tourists; some have other departments for business travelers, while others specialize in commercial travels.

The main function of a travel agency is to act as an agent.

It sells travel services on behalf of a supplier. In general, there are two approaches of travel agencies.

However, there are different types of agencies in various countries. Say for example the United Kingdom where there are three and United States has four.


In United Kingdome,

1.  Multiples,

2.  Miniples, and

3.  Independent Agencies.

Thomson Holidays is an example of Multiples which comprise of several national chains owned by international conglomerates.


In United States, there are:

1.  Mega,

2.  Regional,

3.  Consortium and

3.  Independent Agencies

4.  Home-Base Travel Agencies


Examples of Mega travel agencies are American Express and American Automobile Association.

Meanwhile, independent agencies cater to a special market such as a particular group interested in same activity—sporting activity, leisure travel, and adventure tours.

Operations Of Agencies

The operations of travel agencies are not equivalent to a retail business where it keeps stock.

They only purchase package holidays or tickets from suppliers only if a customer has already bought one.

Profit of Travel Agencies come from:

1.  Commissions

2.  Flat Fees

A travel agency gets profit from the discounted package holidays and tickets. Such profit is called the commission.

Typically, a 10-12% commission is a good deal. But this is not true for all other countries.

Some airlines do not give commission; hence travel agencies charge a percentage premium or standard flat fee per transaction.

While number of travelers continually increases, the Internet has somehow harmed the industry.

The number of available jobs as travel agents is decreasing because of self-service websites.

This led to a shift in home-based travel agencies.  Travel agencies have become more creative in offering their services and more efficient on delivering services.

Travelers want a personal touch and want to be catered to; so they look to a travel agent for the more difficult and tedious travel plans.   When it comes to planning a vacation, trip or company meeting a travel agency caters to the need of the traveler(s) and put everything together.  When a traveler need a car rental, hotel, flights and tour packages it is not an easy job pulling it all together.  



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Traveling Cheap And Seeing The World




Traveling, in any language, always connotes money and expenses – loads of it. Even foregoing visions of traveling first-class with first-class amenities and all that, the fact that one does go out of one’s place to go to another (desired) place still means fare money, board and lodging, and those other countless expenses you did not know at all.

On the other side of the equation, you may have noticed that some people manage to travel for months (or, even years) without showing any signs of wear and tear. Nor were there any police squads barging into their houses in the middle of the night and hauling them away for some crimes involving money.

The simple reason is that they are not necessarily rich. They just know how to make their travel money last longer, and afford to travel to more places at more times.

There are many ways to see the world at a bargain price, so to speak. The following are some tips and guides picked up from all over.

Knowing where to go

Knowing where to go is different from knowing where you want to go. All the places in the world have their charms that you haven’t seen on TV or in magazines. We are concerned about travel budget here and ways on how to stretch it.

Many countries in Asia, parts of Africa and South America are much cheaper to go to than North America, Europe or Australia. Your travel money for one week in Europe can last a month in India, Nepal and many Southeast Asian countries.

Flying months

Initial air fares make the biggest cuts into your travel budget. Knowing the holiday seasons around the world and being flexible with your own travel dates and times is a perfect combination to score some big savings.

Take note that half of the world’s population wants to fly in December for the Christmas holidays. In Europe, the most expensive months to fly around are in July and August which are the European summer holiday months.

Transport costs

Costs of air fares for the same destination can be drastically different according to the actual time you fly. Flying mid-week instead of around the weekend or at “unholy hours” like very early in the morning can reduce air fares.

Booking your flight online and well in advance is much cheaper. Round trip (back and forth) tickets are also cheaper than standard fares.

Unless you do not know the place (and traveling light), trains and buses are good buys for cheap city fares. (Sometimes, they can even be cheaper at night in some places.)


These days, youth hostels can be an affordable option around the world. (These are at places that don’t have a backpacker scene or cheap traveller’s guesthouses.)

Sometimes, discounts can be negotiated in many guest houses (sometimes called “pension houses” in other places) and hotels if you are staying longer. It is cheaper than moving to new places every few days or so.


There are other options in reducing some of the costs of travel. Keeping one’s eyes open to new possibilities (aside from those listed here) can go a long way in helping costs down and make your stay enjoyable and cheap.

Using An Internet Marketing Formula to Build Your Business

The internet in marketing formula involves so many aspects that will drive a business. There are so many different platform and venues you can use to promote your business digitally.

Send email newsletters that launch a product or new benefit to a mailing list.

Four ways to use the internet for your business are:

1) Video has invited a wealth of possibilities by inviting viral marketing with video clips showing business promotions.

2) YouTube has become a platform for business launches as a result.

3) Social Media is very popular way to get subscribers, advertise your business, build listings, connect and converse with others to build relationships.

4) There is soundcloud, podcasting, distributing audio files that talk about a business venture.

People are moving away from TV, radio and the yellow pages in vast numbers to gather up to date information on the web.

It is important to use the formula correctly if you want to build your business. New Blog Talk will address those ways to use the formula to build a successful business on the internet



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Travel Light Travel Right


Pack what you need and do not exceed.

While traveling it is a good idea to pack light.  Packing light makes it easier for you to keep up with all you bring on your vacation or business trip.  

It’s not a good idea to cram as much as you can carry on your backpack when you go off to new places.

The first rule is always to pack just enough to last you a few days.  

 Clothing Tips

Consider packing mix and match outfits.  One shirt or blouse neutral color; you can wear with a skirt and pants to dress up or down.

If you’re worried about clothes, you can buy some of these when you get where you’re going. Many airlines charge for all check-in luggage.

Before traveling be sure to call the airlines to ask if  there is a charge for luggage.  

Carry-on luggage is generally free and must be a certain size to fit in the over head compartment or under your seat.   

Remember that the longer you stay in one place, the less clothes, toiletries and other accessories you bring. Because when you get there, you can just shop around and look for a few shirts you can wear or stuff you can use while you continue on with the next leg of the trip.

If you must bring clothing for 10 days John Chow shows you how to roll a suit for packing in a suitcase to prevent wrinkles.

Tips For Packing Light

1.  Do Not take things you can do without

2.  Remember the heavier your bag is you may face extra charges

3.  Leave room or carry empty bag for souvenirs  

4.  Keep in mind lugging around luggage is not a great idea

5.  Have a shoulder bag to carry you can put bottle water in while touring 

6.   Charger, sim cards, pre-pay phone, ipad

So; if you don’t want anything to spoil your trip, just pack in the absolute essential and nothing else.

You don’t want to find yourself deleting pictures you would rather keep but can’t just because there’s not enough space.






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Travel Q&A: The European Union

Question: “I live in America, and I’m going on holiday to Spain next summer. I’d also like to go to Italy, and I know I can drive there from Spain. My question is about my passport; will I need to show it when I cross the border from Spain to Italy and vice versa? I know they’re both in the European Union, so I’m not sure if normal border controls apply. If at all possible, I’d rather not carry my passport around with me.”


While Spain and Italy are both in the European Union, you will still need your passport and the usual forms of ID – such as medical insurance documentation – to cross the border.

It’s an easy mistake to make. In the United Kingdom, for example, you do not need a passport to cross the border from England to Scotland or Wales to England – so there is a precedent for this thinking. However, the European Union is largely a political union – the countries within it remain separate, and regular border controls apply.

On another note, while it’s understandable that you don’t want to carry your passport with you, in some European countries you are required to do so by law. In Italy, for example, police have the right to stop and ask anyone, at any time, to produce documentation as to their identity. It is therefore worth investing in a money-belt or similar to keep your passport in, so if you do get stopped, you won’t have any problems.

Be Spontaneous With A Surprise Holiday

The concept of a ‘surprise’ holiday may be unpleasant to some; after all, isn’t half the fun of a vacation looking forward to going there? Maybe it is, but if you hanker for something a little spontaneous and fun, then a surprise holiday might just work for you.

The ‘surprise’ aspect of a surprise holiday does not come from a sudden decision to go on holiday, but rather where you go. You can still book the time off work, get a dog sitter in and get your documentation in order: just book a couple of weeks (or however long you have) off like you normally would, and then head to the airport on your first day off.

Here’s where the surprise element comes in; you go to the airport not knowing where you are going with a surprise holiday. Once you reach the airport, you ask at desks for ‘stand by’ seats and last minute deals. As airlines do not like to fly half-empty planes, they will often offer substantial discounts if you can fly that night on a flight that is not fully booked. It’s all about being cheeky and asking.

If all goes to plan, you will make a huge saving on the flight cost and will be presented with a destination. Once you arrive, it is up to you to find your hotel.

It’s a slightly crazy concept, but those who enjoy surprise holidaying swear that is the fun of it. Not knowing where you’re going, what you’re doing or even what type of clothes to pack makes the experience extremely exciting; so if you’ve got the courage, why not give a surprise holiday a go?

All You Need To Know About UK Travel

The United Kingdom – the union name for the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world, especially the capital of England, London and the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Traveling through the UK – as it is abbreviated to – is fairly simple given the size of the four countries. Three – England, Scotland and Wales – are connected by land. It is possible to travel from the Northernmost point of the UK – John O’Groats in Scotland – to the Southernmost point – Land’s End in England – in a day. Only Northern Ireland is not on the same island as the other three countries in the Union, but is reachable by a short ferry trip, most commonly from Scotland.

As the countries are small and interlinked, UK travel is a surprisingly easy aspect of a vacation there. It is possible to fly domestically, and rail and motorway networks serve the UK well. However, rail travel is very expensive, as was recently evidenced by the first issuing of a return rail ticket costing over £1,000 (around $1,400). There are discounts available, however, especially for foreign visitors on short-term stays.

Flying by air is much simpler, however, and usually cheaper, too. The UK has several major airports, both international and domestic, and flights between the countries are inexpensive and regular. You do not need to show a passport to travel across the country borders, though some form of ID is recommended for air travel.

What Is A Package Holiday?

It may seem like a strange question – “what is a package holiday?” – but it’s one that is searched for by search engine users with surprising regularity. The term ‘package holiday’ has become such common usage in modern society that few people ever explain what they mean when they use it, but for those who don’t know, here’s a quick guide.

The term ‘package holiday’ is used to describe the kind of holiday that takes care of everything itself. You book the entire holidays: flights (or whatever mode of transport you will be using to reach your destination) and hotel package holidays are the most common. These usually include transport to and from the airport; so essentially, it’s the simplest way to go on holiday, and is booked ‘all in one’ rather than paying for the flights, hotel and transfers separately.

Package holidays, however, can mean more than just flights and hotels. They can also include sightseeing or theater trips in the overall price, usually at a discounted rate. Sometimes package holidays can include transport to and from the airport in your home country, so everything really is taken care of.

The beauty of package holidays is the simplicity of them. You simply choose your destination, and the travel agent – be it online or in store – will put together the rest for you. You don’t need to worry about getting to the hotel from a foreign airport, and everything is included in one lump-sum price for ease of budgeting. It’s no wonder, given the convenient one-stop-shop method of holidaying they offer, that package holidays are so popular.