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Taurea Avant – Show Your Success Meet Up Group And Events




Taurea Avant is no stranger when using various social media platforms or meeting up with her group live and in person.

Her present meet up group can be found at

At the Show Your Networking meetup, Taurea delivers valuable trainings you can use in your business.

Her selection of places she makes sure it is easy to locate, comfortable, schedules around the groups timing availability (business owners, students, work-at-home entrepreneurs etc)

How to start meetup groups in your area?

1.  Online go to : – Meet up is free as a member.  As an organizer it is 9.99 /month (50 members or less 6 month option).  Unlimited members 19..99 /mth

2.  Complete profile so people can lean more about you-

3.  Identify your target market in your profile

4.  Do not try to sell anything in your bio

5.  Include a link to your website so your target market can learn more about you

6.  Find categories you may be interested in, in the search bar you can find meetups you maybe interested in

7.  Find your passion, see how you can serve and how you can monetize it

8.  Look for groups that are active, review the reviews people leave for these groups

9.  On the welcome page you can often find information tjo determine if it is a good fit for you

10.  Join the group and RSVP for the next event

11.  Introduce yourself to the organizer and other members of the group- when you go to the meeting you will be able to break the ice before you meetup in person

Taking Over Existing Meetups

You can sometime  find abandoned meetup groups left from former organizer.

You can step in and become the organizer of an already formed group.

Introduce to yourself to the members and state what they can expect with you as the new organizer.

At the event what happens?

12.  Be friendly

13.  Do not bombard people about your business

14.  Get to know others at the meeting

15.  Introduce yourself

16.  Ask questions about their interest (FROM)

a.  Do you have family here? (area)

b.   What do you do for recreation?

c.   What is your occupation?

d.   What are your expectation of meetup today?

Steps to starting a business meetup

1.  Search area for meetups that already out there?  Are there value you can offer that is different?

2. actually will help you market your event once you setup your event.

3.  Structure your meetup groups

4.  Offer value.  offer value.  offer value

5.  Give people something they can walk away with and use in their business.  Networking at meetups is the key to a great meetup.

6.  Name your group with a descriptive name

7.  When setting up page be very descriptive when describing your group

8. Put in zip code you want your group to be center around (change your zip code of group every 2 months or so to give your group more exposure when marketing

9.  Put up a picture of one of your meetings so new people will have an idea of what type of meeting they can expect

10.  Schedule at least one event and set up your first event and take a picture of that location

11.  Consider what time and day your target audience will be available

How to setup agenda for meetup

1.  Meet or greet

2.  Network about 10 minutes

3.  Organizer talk about 30 minutes

4.  Close out -

5.  Give away gifts – door prizes,  have games relating to meetup group meeting to give away throughout the meeting.

How to monetize meetups

1.  Free meetup online marketing technique,

2.  Sell ebooks that correlate what you cover in meetup.

3.  offer value first then pitch at the end.

4.   Create email list they can opt-in – email offer for workshops that correlate to meetup for that week,

5.  Resource list with affiliate links,

6.  Sponsorship for meetup group

7.  Sell Ebooks that correlate with workshop for that event

Offer Sponsorship 

Tag their name at the end of your emails

Link on the group

Place a banner up with sponsor logo/ website etc listed or stand alone

You can charge to attend meetup events

Above are some of the ways you start meetup groups, grow your email with meetup groups, monetize with meetups- it is not an all inclusive list – it will certainly get you started.



Montgomery Alabama

Show Your Success Workshop on Social Media, Writing a Book & Public Speaking [Montgomery, AL]

Taurea Avant

Saturday, April 16, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM (CDT)

Montgomery, AL



In today’s world if we aren’t doing things to set ourselves apart from others then we are setting ourselves up for failure. This intensive will be just an introductory to the SYSTEM Mastery Program however you are going to be able to take away some amazing nuggets that you will be able to put into action immediately.

This training will be interactive as well! Be sure to bring your business cards as well as we will have an opportunity to network with each other as well!

Schedule of Event
12:00PM – Doors Open
12:30PM – Start the workshop
12:45PM – “How to Write a Book in 30 Days and Generate MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME from it! – This is Interactive
1:45 PM – Vendor Introductions
2:00 PM - Guest Speaker
2:30 PM – Public Speaking to SIX FIGURES – This is Interactive
3:30 PM – Visit Vendors (30 minutes) and Food Break. (There will be food for purchase at Hotel Location)
4:15 PM – Vendor Giveaways BE ON TIME!!
4:30 PM - Guest Speaker
5:00 PM - Marketing on Social Media that Helped me Build MULTI-MILLION Dollar Businesses
5:45 PM – Closing Out Introduction to SYSTEM Mastery
6:10 PM – Visit Vendors and Close out Event!
7:00 PM – VIP After Party Gathering and Networking (TBA to VIPs Only)


There will be an opportunity to join the advanced S.Y.S.T.E.M. Mastery Program which will be offered at the end of this training.

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 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber 
 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber