Sunday, July 21, 2019

These Must Be Some Of The Best Kept Secret In The Travel Industry



Stop trying to figure it out and work it out!

Pro Travel Network has already laid out the foundation(thanks to founder Paul Henderson) for you having a prosperous travel agency.

You are given the tools to produce a multi-million dollar company for a special time limited offer of less than it cost for a dinner for two.

Free Continual training from Pro Travel Network, Suppliers and mentor.

You get two (2) websites fully functional to start your business immediately.

Benefits of joining Pro Travel Network

1.  Most up-to-date marketing tools

2.  Fully functional websites for clients to book directly or with your assistance

3.  Full training to optimize your skills in booking travel or marketing travel business

4.  Ability to book directly with suppliers (hotels, airlines, car-rentals, trains, vacation share)

5.  In addition to your own advertisements corporate office advertises the Pro Travel Network also

6.  SEO Sites are programmed for search engine optimization

7. Commissions goes as high as 80%

8.  Fast start bonuses

9.  Ability to earn residual income

10.  You have ability to own 2 sides of the business

      a) Travel

  ITA  Independent Travel Agent

      b)  Marketing            

 Representative Trainer (RT)

  • Personalized Marketing Front Office Website
  • Personalized Marketing Back Office Website
  • Personal Sales Commission
  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • Matrix Pay
  • Earned Rankings and Income Levels
  • Commissions and status tracking system
  • Daily activities reminders page
  • Message center
  • Support center
  • Warm Marketing System
  • Discounts on PTN International Events
    (3-4 times per year)

* Please go to site to see PTN Compensation Plan 


 Listen to Playback  Same # 530-881-1300  Pin# 633815



Tonight Chris Cokley, new CEO will show you how to start. 

Be on the call and start making a change in your life.  Start traveling like the insiders do for less.

Be A Pro Travel Network Independent Agent

Linda Moses

“See you on the beaches of the world”






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 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber 
 Name: Email: We respect your email privacyEmail Marketing by AWeber