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They Laughed When I Built My Travel Agency For Pets -But When I Got Paid Big Bucks They Stop Laughing



 Pet Loves To Travel 

You will be surprised at the number of people who want to travel with their pets instead of leaving them at home with a sitter or in a pet daycare.

As an independent travel agent or agency there are many niches you can build your agency around.  

You can cater to a specific group, individuals and / or various suppliers.  

Having a love for pets made me want to look at how pet lovers can travel with their pets without stress.

Helping your clients be prepare for the journey is part of your assignment.  You can charge extra this service and pet lovers will gladly pay if it will make their vacation go smoothly.

10 Things A Traveler Should Do Before Traveling With A Pet By Airplane

1.  Have your pet check out with Vet (if it is a long flight and your pet need to be sedated, air sickness, nervous etc)

2.  Make sure carrier is large enough for pet; if putting pet in carrier

3.  Pack Pee Pads

4.  Have toys for pet for long waits to keep them occupied 

5.  Arrive to airport extra early

6.  Ask information desk about the temperature if dog is placed in bag compartment section   

7.  What restrictions devices does the airlines have for pets? 

8.  Are there any government regulations where you are going?

9.  What hotel can you stay in with a pet? 

10.  Are there any pet daycare where you are going if you plan to take a tour, shop or eat out?

The above is just the surface of what you would need to know if you are traveling with your pet.

 A travel agent who specializes with clients traveling with pets can ease some of the burden by helping you prepare for your trip.  


As a travel agent you want to know how to make the big bucks?

Solve the problems above, offer great value, excellent customer service and you will do a great service and reap the benefits for years to come.

If you are interested in the Travel Business to help enrich the lives of others in their personal and /or business life join us this week and find out how you can have your own home base travel business.  

If you prefer to have a brick and mortar (actual store location) business you can do that too.  

Travel for Life – The PTN Travel Business Opportunity

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