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Travel Light Travel Right



Pack what you need and do not exceed.

While traveling it is a good idea to pack light.  Packing light makes it easier for you to keep up with all you bring on your vacation or business trip.  

It’s not a good idea to cram as much as you can carry on your backpack when you go off to new places.

The first rule is always to pack just enough to last you a few days.  

 Clothing Tips

Consider packing mix and match outfits.  One shirt or blouse neutral color; you can wear with a skirt and pants to dress up or down.

If you’re worried about clothes, you can buy some of these when you get where you’re going. Many airlines charge for all check-in luggage.

Before traveling be sure to call the airlines to ask if  there is a charge for luggage.  

Carry-on luggage is generally free and must be a certain size to fit in the over head compartment or under your seat.   

Remember that the longer you stay in one place, the less clothes, toiletries and other accessories you bring. Because when you get there, you can just shop around and look for a few shirts you can wear or stuff you can use while you continue on with the next leg of the trip.

If you must bring clothing for 10 days John Chow shows you how to roll a suit for packing in a suitcase to prevent wrinkles.

Tips For Packing Light

1.  Do Not take things you can do without

2.  Remember the heavier your bag is you may face extra charges

3.  Leave room or carry empty bag for souvenirs  

4.  Keep in mind lugging around luggage is not a great idea

5.  Have a shoulder bag to carry you can put bottle water in while touring 

6.   Charger, sim cards, pre-pay phone, ipad

So; if you don’t want anything to spoil your trip, just pack in the absolute essential and nothing else.

You don’t want to find yourself deleting pictures you would rather keep but can’t just because there’s not enough space.






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