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Traveling Tips The Pros Use



 Every one loves to travel.

Gaining knowledge about traveling will save you time, money and energy.

 Here are a few tips to make your travels easier, and more enjoyable: 

1.  Make sure you create copies of all your important documents before you leave.

2.  Contact hotel before you travel to inquire about any resources that may be available. 

3.  Always make photo copies of  itinerary,  passport and any other documents you may need for  your trip; and keep them in a safe place that can be accessed in the event of an emergency

 4 .  It is advisable not to keep document copies and the originals together.  Store copies in a safe place at home or leave copies with someone you can trust in case you lose the ones you are taking with you. 

5.  Do not be a pack rat.  Only carry items and clothing necessary for your trip.  

6.  Check out the weather before you take your trip to better prepare yourself with the type of clothing you will need.

7.  Take clothing you can mix and match.  

8.  While you are ordering your airline tickets look for ways to ensure your flight is comfortable. 

9.  If you really need a room at a booked hotel, ask if they are willing to let you pay for a room that is marked out of service. If there are minor issues with a room it is usually referred to as being out of order.

 10.. A number of companies offer conveniently sized candles that don’t drip wax.  This can make the scent of your room more appealing. They are soothing and give the room a romantic feel, making it easy to relax 

11.  Make sure you have chargers for your  electronic equipment.  Take an extra battery to be on the safe side.  

12.  If you take medicine make sure you carry them in your prescription bottles, boxes  and have your doctors signature on bottle or letter on the type of medication you are carrying. 

 13.  If your phone does not access a GPS purchasing one if you tend to leave your hotel and you are not familiar wwith your surroundings. 

 14.  Whenever you visit a foreign country, it pays to do your homework regarding the prevailing political and social climate. The best place to find this information is the federal B.C.A. They provide travel advisories and other information that is of interest for tourists going abroad. This is useful when you want avoid any trouble.

 15.   Do not rely on shoulder straps alone. Also, pick travel bags with secured flaps that conceal zippers and pockets, so that access is not easy in crowded or dangerous areas. Keep close track of your belongings while traveling, especially important things like money and identification. When carrying a handbag, hold it securely against your body using your arm.

 Prepare  for your travel to make your trip less stressful.. Enjoy and have a safe trip when traveling.  





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