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Ultimate Branding BluePrint Webinar Review


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Why I wanted to listen to the live webinar Ultimate Branding Blueprint?


The advertisement caught my attention about Tanya Aliza enrolling 100 New Teammates & Won 4 Vacations in Less than 12 months.


I have been trying to recruit more partners into a direct marketing company I am associated with and frankly I was frustrated.   My blogs and lead magnets are not converting as well as I had hope and when I read about the Ultimate Branding Blueprint I decided to give it a try.


What other reason made you decided to attend the webinar?


It was noted Tanya is the #3 Recruiter in her company which by the way is a global mlm company.


The Ultimate Branding BluePrint, What Is It Actually?


It is the latest product by online Rock-star Tanya Aliza, a 7 figure earner of Business Blog Mastery. 


It shows you exactly how she was able to to generate a minimum of 5-10 leads per day, which lead her to recruit over 400 direct reps in her primary business and earning a consisted 6 figure monthly income online from absolute basic to the exact details.


“Basically, you’re getting a how to guide on exactly how to brand YOU, Create a Killer, professional website, monetize your website, attracting targeted leads & building your list; Blogging 101 and implementing Tanya’s ‘6 figure/month’ system, plus a READY MADE Business Blog Mastery Product!


(I got excited behind this alone) 


Tanya’s Bonuses are Amazing! 


You learn how to attract targeted leads,  Building Your List



What did I think about the product after attending the webinar?


To be straight with you, before the end I was scrambling for my credit card to learn more from Tanya.  She was clear, took her time to tell her story and described what she had to offer and guarantee 100% return if a customer was not satisfied.  There was no hype in her presentation.


What was your first impression when you first looked at the products in the back office?


The back office is well organized with valuable products for a novice or an experienced home based company.


Also, in the back office were  step by step videos of how to implement your blog from beginning to launch.


You are given access to the mastermind facebook group where you can pose questions and get quick responses. 


Tanya is live in the face book group at  least two times a day. 


Her assistant manager is very helpful and continuously monitor and answer questions from the group.  


There is an online support group you can email or telephone with any concerns.  

Tanya updates the products in the office and posts each webinar and lesson in case you cannot make it. 


I decided to join Business Blog Mastery which is said to help you take your new Blog and Brand into major profits and to also help you after you finish building your blog (you know exactly what to do with it).


On top of a bunch of awesome training videos that you get, you also get a Live Webinar training with Tanya 2-3 time per month!!  


Backoffice have so much valuable information again for the novice or experienced home base business owner. 


There is a monthly fee attached to the Blog Mastery,  but the value I saw was well worth me pulling out my card again. 



My overall review is; I am very pleased with the material.  I will write a review on my results and journey of being a part of the group. 


I am in the process of building a website with all the advise given from being apart of it.   Be on the watch for my next review on how I progress using the product.


To your Success!


Linda Moses


P.S.  There is a Thursday night webinar introducing the Ultimate Branding Blueprint if you need an extra boost in your home based business, branding or blog.  Go to:  Ultimate Branding Blueprint Thursday Webinar  to register.  

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