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What Are You Focusing On In Your Home-based business?



Your goals for your business must be clear.

You must remain focus and determine to reach your goals.

You must remain focus to accomplish your goal.

We need to keep our plans in front of us at all times in order to keep the motivation often needed to get us over the rough spots in our businesses

It is imperative to have a strategic plan to know where we are going and to help us find the best route to get to where we want to be. 

A strategic plan will keep you focus on your business.

How to focus on your business success:

1)  Decide what you want; and

2)  Visualize what you want


The more clear and definite you make your focus  the stronger your desire will be to be successful in achieving your goal.

You do not have to spend hours contemplating your ultimate goal.  

 It simply means  that you need to know just exactly what it is that you want and want it so badly that it will stay in your thoughts.

6 Things To Help You Stay Focus

1)  Make a daily To-Do-List

2)  Set a time to work on your goal

3)  Set a time and duration to work on your goal

4)  Find a space to do your work

5)  Check eMail once or twice a day

6)  Reward yourself for what you have done 

 If you are a newbie, do not start spending money on a lot of paid traffic.  

Newbies Do’s and Don’ts

1.  Take time to do your research.

2.  Read

3.  Find a mentor in your area of interest.

4.  Join forums specializing in your niche.

5.  Ask relevant questions in the forums you join.

6.  Don’t start jumping around from organization to organization it will only cause confusion.



Break down task into manageable chores.

Put your focus on one bite size at a time until the entire task is complete.  

Your task will not look so difficult if you can make it into believable steps.  




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