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What Would You Rather Do: Watch TV Or Make Some Real Money?


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Travel Business:

You want to get into the travel industry as a travel agent. It is your desire to be the best there ever was as an independent travel agent.

We will explore many things you need to consider before entering the travel industry, if you plan to be successful.

The number of home-base businesses are rising fast. People are looking for ways to stay at home and raise family and obtain financial freedom.

Travel agency is one such business that has offered many the opportunity to work from home, on the go, while vacationing for free with the family or where ever else you choose.  


Travel is a $7 Trillion dollar industry. With baby boomers retiring every eight seconds. Home-base businesses make up over 50% of small businesses. Technology has made it all possible allowing all these factors to come together.


There are records of people becoming overnight success due mainly because of time and chance. With that being the case, you need to plan your success in traveling like any other business. It is going to take preparation, planning and practice. There are going to be some rejection, but you must build on top of those rejections until you meet acceptance.


There is going to be a lot of giving on your part. Giving of time, money, and love when it appears to be none it return. Do not grow tired and weary when things are not happening as fast as you may want. You must stay firm and do not start jumping from one thing to the other without a plan.


Before you plan a path, know where you are going and expect results from all your strategies. Hold on to your expectation, and keep your eyes on the prize. Never give up. Never let go. Hold on to your dream and with a plan, strategy and determination you will be successful.


Travel Niches

Ways to make money  (There are many more areas to explore than the ones below):  

1)  Travel Agent

2)  Marketing Representative

3)  Cruise Expert

4)  HoneyMoon Specialist

5)  Information Specialist

6)  Bloggers

7)  Travel Consultant


As a travel agent within the travel business many agencies offer different incentives to their independent travel agents:

1)  Bonuses

2) Matrix payouts

3)  Referral payments

4)  Up to 80% fees payout


Before entering into the world of travel, decide if you are going to be an independent agent or a marketing representative (you will recruit others into the travel industry to be an agent and get a commission for referral.


(There is nothing wrong with one or the other, but it is a good idea to decide and minimize confusion for yourself. You might decide to do both sides of the business which can be more profitable for you.


Decide if you are going to work for someone or be your own boss. You would indeed have full control over all your work and financial successes. The responsibility of the success of the agency is on your back as a boss. As an Independent Travel Agent it can be difficult if you do not plan out your marketing strategy.

The above statements are meant to encourage you, give you guidance and prepare you mentally to take charge of your career. It can work but I would recommend you getting proper training and a good mentor for your journey into the world of traveling.

Someone who has the experience and knowledge to help your career to grow and flourish in the direction you want it to go will save you a lot of time.

Some bosses wisely hire consultants to help them in areas that are unfamiliar to them or to alleviate some of the worries of being a boss. In this case, you should consider someone you can trust to give you full guidance in whatever area you hire them to be as your consultant. Never rely on someone solely, or so much until you lack the motive to work your own career and not have creativity to produce results. A consultant advises you on what is best for your career. You can either agree or disagree to go with their decision (you are the boss).

If you are still thinking about a career in travel; Pro Travel Network is #1 in the business offering you the best of training, mentoring and guidance.  (I am an independent agent with Pro Travel Network).  

There is no overhead or expensive costs to operate a home-base business. It is a business and you should treat it like a business. Develop a plan, write it down and execute it.

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